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Security Agency Business – Starter Guide, Costs and Requirements

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Where should you start your security business?

Security agencies are one of the most profitable businesses that remain over time given the growth of cities and the perception of insecurity in societies that is increasing considerably. This fact allows that the creation and assembly of a security agency, is a great alternative that provides expansion and productivity, because it is a business in constant growth.

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A private security agency not only proposes economic supervision, for example of private commercial entities and organisations, but also the safety and integrity of individuals and the proper implementation of measures at a general level for society. You must focus on the fact that the personnel you are going to engage in your agency, besides being responsible and professional, must be reliable in order to be worthy of representing your agency in any part or establishment, because in case there are violations of the correct conducts or wrong actions against the rules, the disadvantage is reflected in the image of the company, where it is deteriorated.

To begin with, you need to know some key aspects about the market in which you are going to start, in addition to knowing and having references about agencies that are in charge of the supervision and regulation of this type of sectors in the economic environment.

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Key aspects to take into account in your security company

Below we present a series of points that you should undoubtedly emphasize for the proper functioning of your agency in the middle:

Private security market

Security agencies specialize simultaneously in different areas, such as providing security support, security for people who purchase these services, surveillance and even transportation of companies and the medium of securities.

Another sector where private security is applied is commercial establishments, residential complexes (homes) and industry, among others. Even public companies, organizations that are not subject to a profit value and different agencies are another area where the services of a company or business focused on security are required. This proposes a greater breadth of options and with it, the sectors in which your business can be located. The truth is that private security agencies can offer solutions to situations where their services are required in an efficient and safe way. This allows them to increase the profitability of the business and expand, above all, the name of the company to increase the opportunities for growth and productivity.

Requirements and conditions to open your security company

If you want to enter into this type of agency as a profitable business, or any other type of business, you need to follow a series of rules and requirements that are demanded depending on the place where you are going to set it up with respect to the bodies in charge of regulating the market and, above all, the sector. However, generally speaking, some requirements are established within which are the following:

To meet a minimum age to start the business. The age varies depending on each state and region where you want to set up the agency.
To have a minimum degree of education that varies between primary, secondary or technical, technologists or specific courses for the knowledge of the sector.
It is necessary not to have a criminal record, as you will probably have problems with the specific documentation.
You must carry out a series of psychological examinations which allow you to check and verify the person’s mental states to determine whether he or she will be able to take over your business or not.
You must have the necessary authorization, permits and licenses to start your business. Remember that these types of documents and procedures vary depending on the region and the rules that govern each state.
Remember that you must also have a series of authorizations and permits with respect to the use of weapons and transportation you will be using, since when it comes to weapons, the licenses will be much more specific.

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Specific requirements for your security company’s personnel

This is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of the agency, since it corresponds to the personnel who will offer the surveillance representing the company you are going to set up. Keep in mind that in order to choose the best ones, training, a series of evaluations and other areas to be considered for recruitment are necessary. The means for the confinement of the employees, can be the announcements by means of communication like newspapers, traffic bags, etc.

With regard to the requirements established at a general level for the confinement of employees, the following issues need to be taken into account:

Age: Female and male staff should be in an average age range of 24 to 50 years old. Remember that these data are not fixed, but vary depending on the characteristics and rules of each agency in charge.
References: To better understand the profile of the employees and their background, you can ask for at least two references from previous jobs and two personal or family references.
Personal data: It is necessary to have a proof of address, the identification of each person, the birth certificate, study certificates of at least basic average, which corresponds to the high school. It is necessary to have a social registration number, photographs of the person, among other data.
Equipment of the private security agency

Depending on your agency’s approach, it will be the equipment you should count on. For example, if you offer surveillance services, you will need a gun, rubber or wood, storage material, and other tools. Another example would be supervision and security for the transport of valuables, so it will also be necessary to use rifles with a specific caliber for their use and that their manufacture is registered nationally.

Costs: The investment to open a security agency is based mainly on the equipment, materials and other inputs, weapons, transportation, permits, uniforms, insurance, publicity and expenses on the premises. The use of technology to update and innovate, for example, in cybersecurity.

Advantages of having a security agency business

Advantages of having a security agency business

In the first place, the private security business can have great advantages since this type of business is the model that lasts over the years, in today’s society there is more often a high amount of insecurity and antisocial people who seek to harm or benefit from doing evil to others which makes the private security business a vital service for the peace of residents and users of the company.

Another important advantage that this business can bring is stability with the client, once this one organizes a contract of service with the company it can last years even decades with the service, which declares the security of liquid monthly entrance by each user who enjoys the service, this implies great margins of profit.

Success stories of a security agency business

An important success story is that of securitas, a security company in Spain and a leading competitor in the market. Securitas was founded in Sweden in 1934, offering a wide range of solutions aimed at numerous sectors and a varied clientele, ranging from small complexes to large active industrial consortiums, with a payroll of over 370,000 employees. It is a leader in private security for homes and businesses, with branches in over 57 countries.

These entrepreneurs have clear values determined in the integrity of the company expressing the best sense of humility in their employees, in turn comply with the effectiveness and quality to which the company is committed in the most efficient manner set out in its internal policies.

Another successful security company in Spain at the moment is HispanoSegur, which is dedicated to the world of private surveillance. This company has been very successful in spite of having opened in 2018, and has estimates to continue advancing because the forecasts are of millions of euros, with an important projection and expansion in the future.

The workforce at HispanoSegur is between 150 and 200 employees, reaching over 500 when there is greater demand. Its employees and security guards are spread out over the football stadiums, music concerts and other major national events, with a portfolio of 6,000 customers who have been served so far.

Problems that can arise in your security business

A challenge that the entrepreneur of a security company must face is the training of the personnel. Whoever works for a security company must have particular training in the control and handling of weapons, in their mental and emotional control.

On the other hand, if the personnel hired have little knowledge of automated systems, security protocols that are fundamental especially in cases of disaster, it will not be enough to guarantee security in real time. Here, there is a human element at work that makes every aspect of the security company’s business more risky.

Useful tips for your security business to succeed

What you need, in addition to screening procedures for comprehensive recruitment, is to provide training, including device loss or theft protocols, guidelines regarding employee software downloads, applications and periodic risk assessments to ensure that all of these are being applied correctly.