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Starting a Staff Selector – Requirements, Operation and Benefits

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How to Set Up a Recruiter

The personnel, or human capital of a company, as it is the tendency to call it and with the connotation of high value that it implies, is the motor of a company.

Knowing how to make money with service businesses

The ideas may be the most innovative and profitable, the location may be unprecedented and the capital inexhaustible, but if there is no team behind it, pushing the project to the same side for which it was conceived, success will turn into failure. However, despite the importance of personnel to any business venture, their selection, whether for reasons of time or underestimation of their importance, is often taken lightly, resulting in situations that will end up weighing on the company. Therefore, we propose you to set up a Personnel Selector and solve this issue for hundreds of commercial enterprises, while generating a profitable business for you.

Tips for a Personnel Selector

In order to progress in this business, it is advisable to stay in the selected niche for a long time and persevere in improving the quality of the service provided.

It is also important to know that this company is not only dedicated to the study and selection of personnel for other companies. It can also expand its spaces to human resources consulting, offering guidance in the management and administration of human talent, in the fields of planning, compensation, relationships, risks, training and monitoring.

In any of these fields, it is also necessary to work with companies to improve the working environment. Therefore, working in this sense implies offering the design and implementation of economic and attractive compensation plans so that employees feel identified and committed to the company, while they are happy and satisfied at work.

Requirements for Setting up a Personnel Selector

When you go to Set Up a Recruitment Agency, you must take care of the following aspects:

Your own staff: in order to select staff for other people, it is essential that your staff is the best you can find on the market. Remember that your receptionist, your telephone operator and even the psychologists are the visible face, the voice and the efficiency of the company. So much so that a client may regret contacting you and not hiring your services just by crossing a couple of words with the receptionist; the opposite may also occur, which is precisely the result we want to achieve.

Psychologists: in your staff there must be at least two psychologists, as long as the demand does not grow considerably and you need a couple more psychologists. The idea is that you work in teams of at least two or three, since the last word will be given by this professional and it is very important that his or her opinion is shared by other colleagues.

Serious selection process: when setting up a Personnel Selection Agency it is essential that the process of selecting employees for your clients is complete and serious. This means that no step should be overlooked and the candidate must pass the most diverse psycho-technical tests that guarantee that this is the profile the company is looking for. After the tests have been done, the best ones will be selected and will go through several personal interviews, of which at least two should be with the psychologists, separately and then together, in which their family environment, social behavior and hobbies are evaluated, being determinant to continue in the selection path.

Set up a Personnel Selector and make it known

Once you have decided to set up a Recruitment Agency, it is time to make it known, for which you can use advertising and marketing resources.

We recommend that you publish in large numbers, even if it is only for the first two months, in a major newspaper, in business magazines and on Internet blogs with related topics.

It is also convenient to have your own website. Little by little, you will become known and customers will arrive on their own.

Starting a Staff Selector

Problems of a recruiter

When you have a recruiting company, you have to take into account several aspects that in some cases can be executed incorrectly, and therefore the results may not be favorable and end up hurting the business.

For this reason, the process of personnel selection is based on a series of steps through which human talent is attracted to occupy a position and the person who best fits the profile being sought is chosen.

The execution of the selection process in a correct way will be what determines the prestige of the company and whether or not the candidates fit the offer for which they have applied. For this reason, one of the fundamental parts of the execution of the selection processes in a correct way will be what determines the prestige of the company and whether or not the candidates will adjust to the offer for which they have applied. Therefore, one of the fundamental parts of the companies, is the management of the processes of personnel recruitment.

Nowadays, companies have difficulties in selecting the most suitable candidates, those who are prepared to apply for a certain offer.

Advantages of a Recruitment Agency

Having a personnel selection company is an advantage because of the type of work it offers, since it is a specialized service in the area of human resources, for this reason it manages and administers in a diligent manner the selection of personnel, evaluation and training, for the benefit of other companies that request its advice and that seek the service of a specialized company for the selection of personnel suitable to their labor needs, without having to deal with it directly.

Another advantage of this company is that it uses the best information to obtain the profiles of the required candidates according to the area and level of competence demanded by the hiring companies. Therefore, the personnel selection company directs its best efforts in the search and selection of the best personnel according to the characteristics of the potential candidates, which can be high profile management personnel (CEO), middle management, technicians, specialists, assistance, administrative and operational support.

Handling both a national and international market, depending on the requirements of the hiring company, of the potential candidates according to the profile being sought. Having the advantage of technology, which gives the recruiting company an added value because it provides relevant information and knowledge to experts in the task of contacting human resources, in a field increasingly demanding at all levels.

Success stories 

One of the most successful companies in the field of consulting and human resources is SH Coaching Empresarial, because it performs business coaching, having numerous clients attended in a cordial and friendly way to receive orientation, in the development of skills and strategies to be more productive, generating financial freedom and improving the quality of income and life.

On the other hand, Orienta Franchise, is also very successful because it has an Employee Assistance Program, as well as a system of administration and operation of the business, organizational structure and technological infrastructure, offering the best program of professional advice that helps the client to achieve organizational objectives, strengthening the retention of talent and reducing costs.