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Service Business – Features, Concept & Structure

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Setting up a technical service as a business idea

The first step in opening your service business is to define exactly what you are going to offer. You could offer technical service for computers, home equipment or any type of electronic device. The options are very wide because of the variety of devices we use in our daily lives, however, we recommend that you work with the equipment that breaks down the most, such as computers and mobile phones.

Full list of businesses that are service oriented

There is one big advantage to this business, and that is that although it is very competitive, the computer business has been profitable for the last 15 years and will be for the next few years.

First steps to create your own service business

It’s true that you can simply start repairing equipment while you do all the necessary paperwork. Personal service is one of the few cases where you don’t need a business plan or seek financing first.

If you want your business to be quite stable or to live from it you have to follow certain steps to get your business on track, such as

Do a market study: See who else offers technical service, where they are located, opening hours, price range and extra service they offer.

Decide where you will set up your business: If you set up a home-based business you can save several thousand euros on renting premises, etc. But to live with the service you need space to store equipment, spare parts and lots of staff to help you with the work.

Create your business plan

You have to create a business plan and for this you need:

Define the objectives of the technical service: Maybe answering the following questions will help you to further define your business idea:

Do I want to be the market leader or keep a low profile?
Are low prices more important than quality?
Will I be an exclusive home service? Will I combine a physical store with home service or just a physical store?
Do I want to be recognized for the quality of service?
Do I want to be a specialized technical service company or will I cover as much as possible?

Define your target audience: Technical service experience is key. Nobody likes to leave their devices in the hands of someone who does not know what they are doing. So you could start your business focused on:

Family and close friends.
Your friends and family’s acquaintances.
Neighbors in your area.

Define what portion of this business you want to cover: The business of assembling and selling computers and PCs is becoming simpler and more accessible. Today, with some basic knowledge you can successfully assemble a computer in 2 hours.

Steps to get started in the computer repair business 

Be properly documented about the technical aspects of assembly and knowledge of accessories and components.
Register with the Distributors and Wholesalers in your town or province, this way you can get through them the components at the best prices and with minimum transport costs.
Remember the great importance of properly managing your resources. Part of the key to success in this business is the purchase of components for assembly and repair. The prices of these can make the difference in the final product.
This business is constantly moving and upgrading. Read, document and attend seminars and trainings that will allow you to be on the cutting edge of products and technology trends.
Technical Service Business Advantages

One of the great advantages of this business is that it works independently, being autonomous and being able to place its own prices, depending on the complexity and need that customers have.

It can offer a more specialized service for example to small companies that always need technical equipment service, such as photocopy and printing centers, video game stores, outsourcing companies, institutes and schools that use computers, among others. Also include any consumer attracted by marketing strategies.

Setting up a technical servicev

Tips to start this technical service business

The most important thing in a service company is the knowledge in the handling of the equipment for maintenance and repair. In addition to that, knowledge in software and programming is needed. Offer within the business, accessories and equipment needed for maintenance and updating.

As well as being updated in the technological advances, and if you have employees, seek to train them to provide a high quality service, in order to increase the portfolio of satisfied customers, who will bring more users to the company.

Problems in the technical service business

Setting up a technical service business involves offering a set of actions carried out by a specialist to solve the problems of a team. The business can be lucrative if it is properly planned and you have a fixed customer base.

The problem is in attracting these customers, providing a quality service and confidence that makes satisfied customers can initiate word of mouth to reach more customers.

While it is true that there will always be something to repair, the competition is very broad. However, the possibilities to give a better approach to the business depend on the creativity of the entrepreneur and owner of the company.

You need to be very clear about the technical service you are going to offer. You can provide technical service for computers, home equipment and any type of electronic device. The options are very wide because of the variety of devices that are used daily. However, it is highly recommended that you work with the equipment that breaks down the most, such as computers and mobile phones.

Success stories

The Berolina franchise is a successful example of a business printing service. The company has a leading brand in the printing services sector, with a clear commitment to innovation in products and services.

The franchise is aimed at investors interested in achieving high customer loyalty, providing a high value-added service, high technology and innovation.

Another successful company is the Ecomputer franchise. This company defines itself as a pioneer in the market of last generation computer equipment, highly competitive, with a technical service and a high level business line, with extensive experience in the market. The franchise is aimed at entrepreneurs in the SME sector, with high profitability and acceptance among consumers.