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Telemarketing company – Success stories, Structure and Tips

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How to set up a telemarketing company

In general, the growth in the telemarketing industry in Latin America has been very large, generating jobs for many people and being an important tool for trade in general. Therefore, opening a telemarketing company can be an excellent option today.

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Of course, there are some details that should always be taken into account and that I will soon address in the course of this article, as they will help to better structure your business, do the overall planning and understand exactly how to set up a telemarketing company.

How does a telemarketing company work?

Many new entrepreneurs want to know how to set up a telemarketing company, but do not even have the basic knowledge of how the business is, then generally speaking, this type of company aims to make sales through telephone contacts with a specific audience. This way, you will enter into agreements with some companies and provide the service, even if it is only to pass on some information or make sales, then a telemarketing company is responsible for captivating a person, passing on the right information and transforming them into a customer.

In most cases, the companies in the branch are hired to carry out the sale of products or services, such as health plans, insurance, loans, credit cards and much more.

How a telemarketing company works

In the beginning it is best to make a well organized business plan, have a financial planning of everything and don’t forget to do the traditional market research to see if the company can work in your area or not. It will be important to find a suitable place to set up, since you need to rent a large space to have the service area, an office and another one more, which can provide more comfort to your employees in general. Legal factors are also important, then look for an accounting company and hire their services to help you in the legalization process. So there is no way to set up a telemarketing company without planning and organization to make everything work properly.

Investment to open your telemarketing company

Your main investment in this principle will be the responsibility of the work team, commercial rental, purchase of appropriate tables and chairs, computerization of the company, legalization of business, as well as other small expenses necessarily. With all this, your initial investment will be £45,000 to open a small telemarketing business in your city.

Officials and preparation for working with telemarketing

Hiring employees is inevitable for those of you who are wondering how to set up a telemarketing company, and all this because it is a business model that requires a constant relationship with people. So you have to have a team ready for the job, but a big difficulty for telemarketing companies today is already the recruitment of qualified personnel.

Therefore, many companies end up hiring young people without much experience in the area and thus provide initial training. So this will be one of the challenges you have in the beginning, as your employees will have to deal with all kinds of people, have ease of communication and be a good negotiator.

Empresa de telemarketing

Requirements for a telemarketing company

In the telemarketing business, interaction with the customer is key, because each one of them represents a new opportunity to strengthen the company by creating a fruitful relationship, not to mention that it can be in person, by e-mail, on social networks, and also recently, using the smart phone.

Therefore, it is crucial that the manager looks for and hires human talent who knows about networks, new technologies and persuasion in communication to achieve emotional connection with customers. Because this connection is what ensures impact and trust, working on all possible fronts.

Extreme care must be taken with the interpretations made in the communication with the client, falling into the error of misinterpreting what a client wants to express. For this reason, it is essential to take time to decipher and decode what the customer says instead of assuming what he wanted to say because, this last aspect is responsible for misunderstandings and confusion that must be avoided above all things in the business of telemarketing.

Tips for starting a telemarketing company

Creating a marketing agency, and if it’s digital, can be one of the best ideas. However, you need to learn from your mistakes to build a good agency.

A first advice is to start with a product, the one you know best. Unless you have a financial backing, to avoid wasting resources and capital trying to sell and present all the different services. Find the service in which you have more experience so that it can become the best, generating good dividends over time.

Resist the urge to do everything because, as an entrepreneur, you have a lot of passion for what you do and may have a tendency to want to be involved in every detail.

Problems that can arise in a telemarketing company

One of the challenges of this business is to carry out the Customer Service Center and the call center, which are constantly moving back and forth. Therefore, professionals and technicians have to know how to deal with high levels of pressure and very high work rates.

That is why professionals and agents need to be highly prepared to deal with any circumstance. That is why reflection and intelligence in the field plays a decisive role for each person who is part of the telemarketing company.

How a telemarketing company works

Advantages of having this business

One of the advantages of this business is that it is interactive, so direct telephone contact with the user is very lively and personal. It is also accessible because using the networks and new technologies, you can outsource the service offshore or nearshore, in a country further away or closer, and you can also work from your own call center, being a cheap strategy. Likewise, with it, links and relationships are established which, if properly executed, telemarketing is a great tool and a strategy that can produce great profits.

It also has the advantage of being an immediate service, with which you can give feedback and positive response to the customer, in an instant, who can receive it at the time of demand.  It is also measurable, because the conversion of the call can be easily measured and recorded, offering much more information due to the large amount of data about the product, which can be provided over an ad or other advertising.

Telemarketing company success stories

A successful company in this space is Cityplan App, which is a free application for phones and tablets (Phones, iPads and devices with Android operating system). This application provides business information, services and other advantages.

Another successful company is Digital Box Mobile, which works with unique and pioneering tools in the market to generate total autonomy with mobile micro-content at a very high conversion rate (9 types of mobile landing page, StoryTelling and Uppermail, Opt-in-tool, Chatbot and Social Content). Distributing the contents through multiple channels such as: SMS, EMAIL, SOCIAL NETWORKS, QR Codes. Measuring and analyzing campaign results and customer behavior to understand the degree of commitment.

However, to be successful, it is preferable to have an absolute focus on critical value tasks. Similarly, you need to know your strengths and learn to delegate to professional staff hired for high level tasks. Therefore, if selling and leading are strengths, it is desirable to focus only on those strengths without trying to do everything at once.