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Textile washing and ironing business – Characteristics and Structure

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Start a textile washing and ironing business

The ironing of textiles whether they are entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, students in uniform, executives, among others, we all have the daily need for clothing and thus, have clean and well ironed clothes that provide us with the presentation we need in every job we do, however, the occupations are not that allow us to do this task, at least not for everyone at home.

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This type of business proposes to offer the service of washing and ironing of textiles so that, with the necessary equipment, we can offer the service ourselves or with the contract of personnel.

In the rhythm of daily life in today’s society many professional and vocational environments do not leave room for the usual activities such as the health care of clothes, that is why the business of washing and ironing of textiles is an excellent choice to have if you want to set up a successful business.

Requirements to start in the business.

First of all, the business model must be considered, that is to say, what type of laundry you want to set up and what type of contact you will have with the user public, either directly with the public or by implementing a do-it-yourself system that has been famous for the last two decades.

Secondly, the target public must be taken into account so that you can implement a compensatory aid with the first step, a market study on the needs of the area can be very helpful when considering the model of laundry you want to set up.

It is necessary to acquire an infrastructure, either own or rented, with the industrial equipment suitable for professional laundry and ironing, in addition to having the staff trained to use such equipment and finally to meet the initial capital to set up the business, either from own capital or from a bank or family loan.

How to start? Let’s see:

Analyze the market

Studying the market will allow us to know if the business we plan to set up would have a chance to emerge according to what the public needs, if there are already similar businesses or if people can hire or take care of it themselves. These will be guidelines that also allow us to have another series of aspects in mind to launch the service.

It raises how it works

to the business

Focusing on the main activity: washing and ironing, we will define the way in which this will be carried out. You can choose for example: Washing and ironing from home with the equipment:

-Customers wear the clothes

-Customers’ address

-Additional services: Garment repair

Requirements to start in the business

Advantages of a textile washing and ironing business

The profit margin is high after the investment of the equipment, depending on the type of laundry the profit can vary but it is always constant and high, due to the daily need of the laundry service in the modern society.

Another advantage is that this is a business that does not require great effort, only the fulfillment of service schedule and the correct training in the use of the industrial laundry machines, in addition the necessity of little personnel allows to see the profit margins even greater than those raised in other types of business.

Tips for starting a textile washing and ironing business

The advice par excellence is to have a clear and well thought out model of laundry to be set up, whether it is for direct or indirect contact with the public.

We already know that direct contact is by means of attending to the public in such a way that this type of business may have industrial equipment that is not suitable for common use, since it may involve accidents due to the high temperatures of the equipment. If you decide to set up a laundry whose contact with the public is indirect, it is recommended that you give access to laundry and drying machines 24 hours a day, with a monetization system designed in this business, either slots or electronic payment systems for their use.

Create a business plan

In this document we will gather everything related to what we will offer and how we will do it, taking into account the initial objectives, the amount of investment, materials and equipment, advertising processes and so on. It should contain the following:

-Business constitution: Name of the company, mission, vision and short and medium term objectives, description of the operation of the business.

Market study: Competitors, weaknesses, strengths, supply and demand.

Local: According to the modality in which you decide to operate, it will be your local. You can or not, have a local open to the public that you undertake from home or with the rent or purchase of a local that allows you to install there the equipment that you will need. Make sure you have the necessary space and services.

Resources and material: We will need at least a washing machine and industrial iron that we will be able to find comfortably in small formats initially. We will also need other items such as hooks for clothes, packing material to protect, chairs, among others.

Staff: Initially, it is advisable to have at least one person to help with the business, this if we plan to work directly on it or hire staff.

Promotion of the business: Once we have everything ready, we must choose the promotion strategies we are going to use to make the business known, such as: flyers, ads, a visible name and other advertising techniques.

Investment: Based on the previous points and making a quote on all the material and resources needed for each aspect, we gather the required amount, which must be in the same dimension of our capital to distribute it correctly.

When can I get paid?

The rate for this type of business can be calculated from the services you offer, the type and size of the garment, in addition to finding out what prices are being handled in the market so that all this gives you a rounded idea of how much to charge and not reach the limits of exceeding or charging very little.

Problems that can arise in the textile washing and ironing business

Basically the problems that this type of business brings can be associated with services and personnel, many times the industrial cleaning equipment tends to bring large margins of electrical consumption which can present a problem in the monthly billing of the electrical service.

About the personnel, basically it is the fact of dealing with human resources, if there is not a good management system for the business, the personnel can develop badly their work and present a low quality in the service to the client, also if the personnel is not well trained in the use of the industrial equipment, this fact could end in a serious labor accident, since many of these machines operate with high temperatures.

Success stories

Success stories exist in a variety of ways in this business due to its profitability. One success story can be referred to the company Danko Designen Planchado S.l, an industrial textile ironing and washing company, located in the city of Madrid, serving thousands of customers every day with specific needs for washing and ironing their clothes.

They have the best technology for washing and ironing textiles for the satisfaction of the most demanding customer so that it has become one of the most important business of washing and ironing textiles in the city of Madrid.

This business is exclusively dedicated to the imposition of dye on textiles, dry cleaning of specific garments, and maintenance of various used clothes for daily use by the public.

Obstacles that may appear: It is important that you have knowledge in the area in which you are going to operate in such a way that you follow each process specifically according to the garment in service, since otherwise, we could have incidents due to the types of fabric we deal with and with it, a bad service for the client.

Final recommendation: In order to call the attention of the target audience, initially, we can perform different actions to advertising, such as 2×1 promos, discounts for first customers, days off in the week, among others. Also, don’t forget to have a visible advertisement that tells passers-by what business you run there.