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Vehicle Adaptations for the Disabled – Costs and Requirements

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How do you open a business of vehicle adaptations for the disabled?

The adaptation of vehicles for the disabled is a unique business opportunity that has been developed for entrepreneurs in the transport sector. There are populations of people with disabilities in cities, suburbs and rural areas that require adaptive transportation for transportation to medical appointments and other non-emergency activities. The potential for wheelchair-bound transportation vehicles, operators, and owners is growing at an amazing rate.

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With the start of any vehicle adaptation business with wheelchair transportation, or any other device for the disabled, there are several concrete steps that must be taken to ensure a proper foundation. This article will focus on four main elements as detailed below:

Establishing a business entity

The first step in the process is to establish the status of business operations with respect to local, state, and national requirements for retrofitting vehicles with wheelchairs and other accessories. While these vary by location, they generally include the following activities, in no particular order

A file for the state of the Corporation

This filing can be done through an online attorney or through an agent of the Corporation. Options include corporation, and limited liability corporation (LLC). The limited liability corporation is usually the most popular option, mainly because it separates and protects your personal assets from company assets.

Applying for operating permits

Licensing varies by location. Download, complete and submit a copy of a medical transport provider application package to your local health services department.

Ensure insurance protection

Select a company that specializes in this area by looking at the benefits it offers. Your agent should work to establish a policy of growing as your business progresses, helping you control costs at first.

Select a physical location

This company requires a location to place the workshop where the work of modification of the vehicles will be carried out.  A permanent business location projects confidence and stability, two elements that can work to help you get the critical customers for the adaptation of these wheelchair transport vehicles and other accessories.

Setting up the business of adapting vehicles with wheelchairs and other implements

The success of your business is based on your ability to start with one vehicle and then transition to a fleet of vehicles. Smart financing should be with a dealer who understands the operations of this business, a critical step in getting started.

When choosing a dealer for your transportation vehicles, look for these requirements: safe and reliable vehicles. If you start with used vehicles, the dealer should ensure the quality and durability of everything they sell with custom optimization. The dealer must have the ability to customize the van so that you can then convert it into a wheelchair and other accessory transport, which you purchase with multiple floor plans and accessible entrances.

Accessibility equipment. Look for the possibility of adding similar equipment to improve accessibility and ensure the comfort and safety of your customers when it comes time to buy their transport to be adapted with wheelchairs, lifts and ramps. Buying from a factory direct dealer is the smart business move. By excluding intermediaries, you will save on the purchase price

business of vehicle adaptations for the disabled

Creating a website and social media presence

Don’t feel you have to use all the social networks, but include the big ones: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google +, among others. Also, contact the Better Business Bureau and work with them to establish a profile and contact information for your business, this is the first place many potential customers check before trusting your business

Creating a customer line

Because your business of adapting wheelchair transport vehicles and other implements for the disabled is highly competitive, a strategic marketing plan is critical to your success. That means going where the customers are to bring visibility to your brand. Some of the populations that require your services include Nursing hospitals, rehabilitation centers, doctor’s offices, community clinics

of adults, laboratories, day-care centers among others.

Requirements to start a business for the disabled

First of all, there must be a physical platform where to work, so that the specialized vehicle adapted to the needs of the disabled can be received or built.

To have a group of mechanical engineers and physiotherapists within the work team, as well as internal administration, human resources and accounting as any business.

Acquiring the necessary permits to be able to operate as a local and provide the service, depending on the jurisdiction where you want to install or assemble the premises will require certain requirements for registration of the business.

Focus the business on the user’s needs, since this is a business that adapts to the customer in every way at the time of building or adapting their vehicle.

Advantages of having a business for the disabled

In modern society there is a dense population of disabled people, either born for congenital reasons or unfounded by accidents or participation in military activities, among others.

So the adaptation or construction of methods of movement or comfort for daily vehicles is vital for this population, so this business has a high probability of succeeding over the years.

In addition, there are many elements attached to this type of business, such as the market for orthopedic equipment and pharmacy, which can be included without problem to the services of the business, characterizing this business with multiple investment advantages and a high demand for hundreds of needs that the disabled need according to their situation.

Business Success Stories for the Disabled

Business Success Stories for the Disabled

A success story can focus on the company EFAMOA, with over 50 years of experience in the service, have all the implements that the market for adaptation of vehicles for the disabled, founded by a person who experienced the disability, designing mechanisms in a vehicle to achieve this task using their own ingenuity.

This company has several departments, the adaptation for vehicles for the disabled, the sales department of technical aids, to promote the improvement of mobility of users, adaptation of vehicles for driving schools and commercial vehicle equipment for the disabled worker.

Over the decades, this company has shown a clear pattern of success from its humble beginnings with its founder alone for a decade before growing. It has also become a symbol of perseverance for people who have suffered disabilities in their lives.

Problems that can arise when setting up a business for the disabled

The work of adapting these vehicles must be guaranteed and of high quality. Any failure may result in accidents and legal problems for the company.

Recommendations for the success of your business

If you do things right, it will bring with it the first wave of customers. After that initial stage, referrals should create a continuous flow of business in the future. Outside of your main website and social media messages, the following marketing elements are also recommended: Business cards and tabletop brochures, promotional product logos (pens, T-shirts, stress relievers), inquiry mailings, and Google PPC advertising.