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Starting a vending machine management business

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Tips for Starting Vending Machine Management 

Vending, or the Vending Machine Business, is in full growth these days because of the advantages it offers and the ease with which it can be assembled. As if this were not enough, the concept is taking a new turn every day, since the machines are not limited to waiting in a corner or in a waiting room, but now they are also more and better distributed and offer us products that, apart from tricking our stomach with a sweet snack or relieving our anxiety with some cigarettes, also help us in emergencies or give us dinner. As you can see, we are talking about a truly profitable business. In this article, we tell you all about this fascinating venture that you can start today.

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Why set up a vending machine business

The reasons for starting a Vending Machine Business are that, on the one hand, they offer products 24 hours a day, which is much more than can be said for the average store, and on the other hand, once the machine is installed, we can forget about attracting customers, as they will come to buy on their own, without anyone calling them.

Another important reason is that it can be managed with a Low Cost concept, a very sought after premise by entrepreneurs in times of crisis, since it is a modality that allows to concentrate on the product and to leave aside other factors such as extra services, which contribute nothing and take much away from us in difficult economic times.

What type of vending machine should I choose to start with?

It is important to note that the type of machine or the number of machines you want depends on your investment capital, as there are many fields and sizes in which we can invest to install in different areas. These are the varieties of vending machines, remember to install them according to the target audience for which each one is intended:

Candy machines and candies in general

Coffee, tea or chocolate machines

Snack machines

Soft drinks and water machines

But not only are there vending machines for edible products (although they are one of the most profitable) but there are also other products that sell very well, especially if they are installed in the right areas, such as

Hygiene article machines (toilet paper, toothpaste, condoms, toothbrushes, dental floss, tampons and sanitary pads)

Medical supply machines

Body care machines (body deodorant and perfumes)

Office material machines (pens, paper, notebooks and general school supplies)

Tips for Starting Vending Machine Management 

What are the prices of products in the Vending Machines?

It is obvious that the prices of items in a Vending Machine Business are notoriously higher than those offered by supermarkets or similar small stores, in fact, they can range up to three times the cost of the latter. However, the customer who uses a vending machine often appreciates the uninterrupted service of the machine and the fact that he can avoid interaction with a counter clerk, which can result in an embarrassing encounter for some shy people when they have to buy condoms, or simply talk to someone, which is an odyssey for those for whom communication is not their strong suit.

Difficulties that can appear in the management of vending machines

 One of the biggest concerns of vending machine owners is the high safety hazards they are exposed to, especially when located in areas with poor security. That’s why you should try to set yourself up in a place with the highest possible supervisory security.

Final recommendation for the success of your vending machine business

As it is the vending machines that will do all the work, it is substantial that they are constantly being checked for general faults and to ensure that they are working properly. Some of the most common failures in these machines are: money retention, product retention, they do not detect the money entered, among others.