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Work as a driver – Earn money, Organization and Benefits

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How it works as a driver?

Today we have a wide variety of possibilities if we seek to create a source of business or start generating extra income for our pocket. One of the most efficient solutions for the freedom that allows for the person concerned, is working as a driver. This is mainly due to the incorporation of technology in the transport sector, allowing the user and the driver, can be connected in real time to establish service.

Thus, if you are looking for ways to increase your revenue through a profitable activity, which also choose your own hours of operation depending on your availability and others, this is the answer: it works as a driver applications transport.

In addition to presenting the basic requirements that you must have, including conditions, documents, recommendations and advice, find a list with a number of applications available in which we present in general operation. At the end you will find a link that directs each of the full articles where you can get more information.

Now if, let’s start!

What do you need to become a driver?

Being a shuttle driver application, it is much more than having a vehicle. It is offering quality service, because it depends on your performance. Regardless of the application you choose, if you do not offer a good service, you will not get the results you are looking for, why it’s so important to take care of basic pillars: respect, kindness and responsibility. Each passenger should feel comfortable, treated with the utmost attention and feel that your driver is committed to the service. Nothing better to generate a positive experience on every trip.

You must keep all documentation to the day as a driver. In some applications the documents required may vary, however, among the general conditions are: meet most of age, have a valid driver license, not having registration acts of criminal record, if the car is rented, must have a permit signed by the owner of the vehicle, card owned by the car or means of transport you will use, review recent Tecnomecanica, among others.

insurance:make sure you have insurance that cover not only you, but also your vehicle and if possible, people who go with you. These are extremely important in any case, since not all applications provide guarantees drivers how are you application.

Costs as a driver

Now, let’s talk about the costs of providing a service like this. While you can start working as a driver without a vehicle, you might need to take care of tanking and keep it clean for each day you use it, why should emphasize expenses that arise along the way. Let’s see:

The vehicle: the acquisition of the car, or adequacy of own car involves an investment that should come out of the pocket of the driver. Although it is possible to rent a car if you do not have or do not comply with the model is established, this process is also paid for by the person. So you must meet the conditions of the vehicle and have it available for services with applications. Many of the applications you’ll have a specialized category for those who put their car to hire a driver, if you want to work as one without a car itself. Also keep in mind that this would be worth more, together with the Commission of the application, which must subtract from the end of the day what won.

On the other hand, if you plan to operate its own self and think about buying it, you can consider buying a used car to save some money, a working model and good condition. This, especially in the initial stage to supply it with the money you earn as a driver.

Gasoline: even if the car is not your property, it will be your responsibility, as you’re driving, tanking for each day of service. None of these aspects will be covered by the application that if you cover, so it is your responsibility to keep good gasoline to be always available for any service with any distance.

Commission application: as you will see in depth in each of the applications that will show, each provides a different rate, depending on a percentage or value for each journey performed, even some of them propose a value that will defined between the customer and the driver. This fee applies to the total end of each trip, so that the more perform day trips, the more you can raise money at the end as profit. Good performance with good grades, will be perfect to continue the process.

Maintenance of vehicle: as well as gasoline, maintenance is also an aspect that involves only the driver. Each application establishes a requirement to have a car on the model proposed, with documentation to the day and a recent review of maintenance, so it must be working perfectly. This is not only a requirement as a driver for a service, but also a necessity for anyone, because it depends on their integrity and that of those who travel with him.

How it works as a driver

What are the conditions of the vehicle?

Remember that many of the applications you see, do not need to have their own vehicle, since the same company offers a space for owners who rent their cars put to profit. However, it must all comply with a number of key elements.

Some applications set specific car models to offer the service, so that we recommend is to have a relatively recent car to avoid problems with any of those choices initially. Mechanical techno reviews are a prerequisite. The car must be in good health and functionality.

From the headlights, to the condition of the tires, silletería and others, they must be in perfect condition, not only aesthetic but operating. The first image large percentage of the user experience will be, so be sure to create a comfortable and pleasant space for each person entering the vehicle.

How to improve and become a professional driver?

We know that not only is having a vehicle, download the application and receive passengers, a process that allows us to offer a quality service is because it will depend on the performance we have. Therefore, we have made a selection of some basic and very necessary guidelines you need to know to provide the best service. Let us begin:

initial setup:to provide a good service, before, we must guard very well and this applies to any activity we conduct. A good rest, restful, complete, is one of the keys to a service like this. To this hydration, proper nutrition and occasionally active breaks in which you can stretch your body if you pleneas make trips for several hours a day adds.

Organizes journeys: the best would know the times when the city where work is more complex motion, this will help you measure the waiting time while collecting your passengers as well as possible delays. Therefore it is necessary to organize the paths you have, especially if it is previously reserved services.

Drive with caution: as a driver, is key to respect traffic signs and all rules operating in your city, this should be done not only with the aim of avoiding infringements, but also with the intention of caring for the integrity of all who they are inside the car. Always respect speed limits.

Serene attitude:indisposes nothing more than a stressed driver, impatient and desperate, because feelings are easily achieved infect others. We know that there is traffic and not always be the way in the best conditions of movement, but avoid the rush and try to build a peaceful atmosphere in which, despite the circumstances, both the driver and passenger, they can find calm.

Eliminates distractions: not only annoying because you drive passenger and distracted you are, but because also put you at risk and those traveling with you against an accident. Often take mobile phone to chat, talk on the phone without hands-free while driving to consult other sections, among others, they are dangerous distractions and uncomfortable for anyone.

Keep everything ready: have everything prepared means having each of the tools and items available to start the service. This means that the phone must be well loaded and the Internet connection and car clean and running to start. Bring a charger, a car freshener, sweets, among other useful items.

Training courses: If you can, do not only training courses to improve your driving activity but also, theoretical courses and courses focused on serving the customer, this will allow you to provide better service. Some of the applications you’ll see in a moment, have many of these resources for their drivers, not waste it.

What are the transportation applications that exist?

Now we will see an extensive list of applications from which you can choose the one that best suits your goals and start driving conditions. Many of them have extensive backgrounds, others work only in certain regions, handle different tariffs, offering services to the different driver, among other variables.

Consider the following list of the most popular applications:


Today is one of the most important applications of the market, recognized by its users as one of the most practical and economical for its passengers, while it is one of the most profitable for drivers. This is an application available on iOS and Android that offers a private shuttle service aimed at a particular audience, which increases the chances for those interested in start driving.

Meanwhile, DiDi stays with 10% of trips made by the driver, based on this percentage for each of the journeys made. However, this rate does not work generally, since under some circumstances, rates may vary. To start the process and drive DiDi, the person must download the application available in your store corresponding applications.

Known here as working with Didi



It is one of the most important applications in transportation technology and recognized primarily by establishing an economic rate for drivers can get better service revenue. That is why today has become a favorite transport applications.

Some drivers have mentioned that the application can collect up to 3,000 euros a month, that if you work frequently and a defined schedule in the city of operation that allows the driver to identify areas with more movement. One of the best advantages is that you can make money even without a car, because drivers Cabify put in contact owners for rental vehicles.

Known here as work with Cabify



It is one of the most popular applications on the market, initially highlighted by the use of its application in motorcycles as transportation for the passenger. However, its rapid growth allowed who will soon compete with the largest companies incorporating fleet cars.

Although although commission rates vary in each country in which it operates, even depends on the city, it is estimated that the average percentage ranges from 15% of the total value of each trip. Unlike other applications, with Picap the driver can use this application to make money continuously during the day and through every casual movement you make, which allows the driver to be able to make more money.

Known here as work with Picap

What are the conditions of the vehicle



It is certainly one of the pioneering applications in the field of transport innovation with the incorporation of technological devices, and although there have been many competitors, has managed to stay alive in the market with wide recognition and possibilities for both their drivers and their passengers .

The first thing required to register for Uber as a driver, is entering its website, where a special form where you must fill out the personal information of both the person who will drive will appear as the vehicle to be used for the service. Made the record, you must upload the required documentation, which vary from place of operation.

Known here as working with Uber



Beat applications is one of the most recognized in the market and the sector of private transport services that exist today. However, it has managed to gain good position in the market thanks to low prices that handles when compared with other applications on the same service set much higher prices.

For the driver, payments will be available in the account at the end of each week. This money is deposited directly into the bank account records the driver at the time of registration. Payment is then seen 24 hours. Beat has two service categories that vary according to the type of vehicle that tell the driver, so you can choose and have a car to 1999 model.

Known here as Working with Beat


It is a platform created for users and private drivers offering a private shuttle service from different means of payment available. One of the main features of Linker, has to do with focusing to a wide audience, among which stand out not only individuals, but also businesses and tourists, so that its offer is wider.

Drivers Linker are properly authorized and identified by the company to offer shuttle service, plus they have a FUEC (Single Form Extract), which allows them to operate without problem if they are retained by the police, as this document shows the legality of the service. Linker sets tariffs according to schedules the day and specific days of the week.

Known here as work with Linker



This is an application where the user can choose the type of means of transport preferred for the way you need. To this extent, through the application, the user sets the collection point and destination to determine the corresponding fee and ask the driver for your service.

The commission rate established Bolt for each of the services performed can vary, however, this value can range from 10% to 25% of the total per trip. The car operation to be one of the drivers Bolt can not be earlier model year 2009, nor can have less than four doors. Remember that the documentation should always be on.

Meet here how to work with Bolt



The main objective of AllRide is not only becoming a solution of private transport but also achieve reduce CO2 emissions from carpooling service. This is an attraction that has managed to attract the attention of many people who not only decide to be their passengers but also their drivers.

This application offers its drivers work in the form of car sharing, where vehicle owners establish and share the route they will perform and in the process, people who will operate the same route, will join to become the passengers. The service fees are set by the same application according to the route and the distance of this.

Known here as work with Allride



It is an application of Mexican origin offers a private shuttle service that specializes in creating a top travel experience, this is due to the comfort with which passengers traveling in each of its vans. Many of these vehicles are provided by the company, so the search focused on drivers with the necessary skills and documentation to the day to join his team.

Vehicle installations have a very efficient security system, plus comfortable chairs, Internet access, air conditioning, among other basic services for the travel of each of passengers. Is this offer shuttle service makes it a favorite of passengers.

Known here as work with Urbvan



It is an application that focuses on urban transport service. It is one of the largest platforms in the market, as indeed has a presence in more than 120 countries in different continents. One of its main features is about the price or service fee is set by the user, where it is who chooses the amount you’re willing to pay for the service requested.

This makes it the driver to choose whether or not to accept the offer. In this case, the driver can also set a bid, so that no fixed rates inDriver operation, but this is agreed by the user and the driver depending on the distance and other elements that can alter the final price. InDriver commission is very economical, which allows the driver to make more money.

Known here as work with inDriver

Avant App


It is an application born in Mexico to offer an alternative solution to the service of private transport where drivers have the possibility of joining the company, also accessing users directly through the use of your application. From there, as with these applications, users can contact drivers and set the path they need.

Users can make payment for the service to their drivers through the use of credit card. During the registration process, the driver must provide a series of personal data and general documents that allow you to join Avant App verified as one of its drivers. Fees or service fee vary according to the area of ​​operation.

Known here as working with Avant App

Costs as a driver

Easy Taxi


Unlike many of the applications mentioned here Easy Taxi drivers focuses on taxi drivers, offering an alternative that incorporates new technologies in the transport sector with one of the strongest guilds, taxi drivers. It is so an application like this, integrated into a service like this, it becomes the best combination for those who want to improve or create a source of extra income.

It works like other applications, where the user can, through the application, set the path you need to perform and wait for the availability of one of the drivers. It is so with Easy Taxi, all cars are taxis, so it is necessary to have a taxi that is at the day with all the relevant documentation.

Known here as Working with Easy Taxi

Free Now, My Taxi


It is another application focused on the union of taxi drivers, as an application proposing presence in different countries and continents where users can order your service through a quick, practical and efficient application. For registration as a driver, it is necessary to first register through your web page to start the process.

Rates and fees offered Free Now, My Taxi can vary according to the country and place of operation. One aspect that attracted the most attention of this application is that, before starting the process, the driver can have 30 day trial period where you can become familiar with the use of the application and allows you to set the level where it is, where it is the same company that evaluate conditions provide tools and resources to help improve it so, improve the income of the driver.

Known here as Free work now, My Taxi

my Eagle


This is a Colombian company that handles the same model applications dedicated to the service of private transport, with the difference that is basically focused on enterprise mobility, so that supplies its services with a fleet and drivers who always offer service quality to enhance the experience of its travelers.

To start the registration as a driver of this application, you need to register on the site, downloading a format to be completely filled with basic information. This application works nationwide. Drivers must participate in a process of induction and training where they know all about the operation of the application and how they can get the best benefits of your service.

Known here as Working with My aguila



This application provides transportation to special public, presenting an informal, unique style but very comfortable, efficient and convenient for passengers. Users and drivers installed application on your phone Lyft to contact and realize services in which both win.

Lyft particular style makes it one of the most recognized in the market services. The driver must meet the profile that seeks the application and thus provide the necessary documentation to start. The driver must have a car model that is located between 2004 and today, this must also have all the documentation set.

Known here as work with Lyft

Ola Cabs


It is one of the applications most important transport service in India, as indeed has managed to unseat the most important in the world in this area. Currently this application operates in more than 250 cities in other continents, offering an efficient solution to mobility issues.

One of the main features of this application is that you can work with it both a private car, as with a taxi and even bicycle, so that provides various forms of service that also cater to the needs of users . For the record, you need to enter your home page and fill out personal information formats.

Known here as working with Ola Cabs



It is a transport application distinguished mainly by its low prices. Functions as the most important in the market, but by proposing an interface much more efficiently and quickly where drivers find everything they need immediately and thus can generate more revenue on each day.

UFO App establishes three categories of service, including it is UFO Moto, UFO Go – UFO Taxi and UFO Ambulance, each aimed at a particular need for service, especially the latter that first provides aid becoming a specialized service place where requested. UFO commission is 10% of the total value of each service performed.

Known here as work with UFO App

be a driver

Free taxis


It is a targeted application allows taxi drivers to get them to contact a faster and more efficient with users who are looking for the shuttle in a specific area with its respective path. This company combines one of the most popular services with a technological tool that allows you to be at the level of major competitors in the market.

The application proposed by this company this company is based on an application available for iOS and Android devices, which requires the least to 2GB of RAM and a good Internet connection to run smoothly. The driver can register on the website of the company, filling out the required data. Free Taxis offers a number of resources for their drivers in order to improve and enhance their abilities to provide the best transportation services in taxis.

Known here as Taxis work with free

Carpool Waze


This application is focused on services from a common route where the car is shared but winning is money. His method focuses on offering proposed routes for drivers on its technology platform, where they establish a route that is already published which is available to prospective travelers on the same route or stay on the road.

According to the set route and the traveling distance of each passenger, the application determines the final value. Something to add to this application is that it only allows two trips are made per day, so that the driver can not use the application to work on time as with other applications, but can use them occasionally when their paths agree to other people.

Known here as work with Waze carpool

Wappa App


And we close our list with the most important transport applications with this application from Brazil gradually has gained great recognition in the market since it began operating with a fleet of taxis, however, thanks to their performance, managed to incorporate private cars that expanded its private shuttle service.

To start working with this application necessary register in their home page, filling out basic personal data to start the process. It will then be necessary documentation required both the driver and the vehicle to be used for service. Recognition makes it one of the best applications to drive.

Known here as WAPA work with App

After reviewing each of the applications you can start working as a driver, it’s time to make a selection that best suit you and adapt to what you want, according to your conditions: type of vehicle, location operation, service availability, among others.

Remember that the key to good performance is to offer a quality service, for your reputation and ratings of each route will be the gateway for other users who require service and you choose among others.