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3D printer rental – Open, undertake and succeed

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Start with 3D printer rental

The 3D technology, although with several years in the market, is a reality for the general public very recently, and while it is launched to the public, has changed and improved a variety of processes that we performed until its arrival.

This is one of the most recent business ideas in the market and the best thing is that it can be started by anyone of any age, although it is advisable that you have knowledge about some part of the business.

If you want to open your own business, profitable, that supplies a need and that allows you to be independent in your work, then this idea can be for you.

Here you can learn about the different businesses in technology

First steps with 3D printer rental

You have several possibilities of service to offer with the rental of the printers, since these fulfill different functions, such as: digitalization of images, pictures, photography, proofs, retouching, color prints, black and white, business cards, HD color printing, printing of invitations, letters, documents in different formats for each one.

Modality: you can open or not a place to the public where people go to print what they need, do it through order or rent the 3D printers for a certain amount of hours at home.

How a 3D printer rental business works

We must start from the idea that this is a type of printing of solid objects, three-dimensional objects that can be obtained from the incorporation of plastics, ceramics, metals, glass, resins, clays, among other elements that are added to 3D printers. This, from a specific program, synthesizes the digital model indicated to give it a precise volume and shape.

The reason for the existence of this business idea was born with the need to use it in different fields, among which we can include fashion jewelry designers, but also engineering and design students, entrepreneurs for the elaboration of samples, people fond of fashion jewelry design, advertising agencies, technology fans, architects, among others.

firts steps in the printer 3d rental

Requirements for 3D printing rental

It analyzes what similar businesses do in the market, the rates they set per hour or per package of sheets printed by customers, their suppliers and in general how they serve their customers. This will give you an idea of how the market works.

Also, you should identify your target audience, which can be mostly: school students, university students, entrepreneurs, event organization businesses, etc. To get the information we need about them: their need, we can make surveys about it, how much they would be willing to pay for the service, suggestions and comments they would like to add.

Needs of the venue 

Part of the investment is going to be directed to the purchase of the materials we need to start the business, these are: general printers and 3D printer, printer supplies, printer protection and transport cases, technical service (some printers have it temporarily), printer cleaning tools, decoration and office material (for premises open to the public), stationery (ringing, binding, plasticizing, etc), printer transport and transfer service, conditioning of the service premises and technical service and maintenance of the printers.

On the other hand, remember that you must have the necessary operating permits to operate your business without problems. To do this, consult the corresponding entity and process the licenses that your business needs.

How do I promote my business?

Since the service will work locally especially, you need to expand your advertising in your city to make yourself known. To do this you can use social networks calling customers in this area, flyers, ads, call directly to companies to offer the service, among other options.

Online advertising cannot be left out. Even though it will be a local business, the truth is that there are still not enough 3D printer rental shops, so the first user searches will refer to the Internet to find the businesses that offer the service and yours must appear among the first results.

Tips to offer the best service 

The basis of your business is 3D printers, that is why you must be aware of their proper functioning. To do this, before starting the rental service, it is advisable to test that it is in correct condition and ready to use, in addition to regular in-depth reviews by experts in the field.

Before choosing the place of operation, bear in mind that it must be a space that, as far as possible, is

as close as possible to the potential customers we named just now. This business should be in a visible area, so look for a strategic location before you move in.

Weaknesses: the lack of knowledge in the operation of this type of devices, maintenance and repair can cause partial or complete damage to the machines, causing a loss of investment, so it is necessary that if you do not have the knowledge, we understand the general operation and hire maintenance personnel and technicians who know the subject.

Points in favor: it is a type of business that is linked to technology and therefore, its growth promises in the market, since it allows the objective public to have an approach to this type of equipment and to carry out the activities that they require.

On the other hand, you can offer a variety of services according to the functions of the device, you can dispense with a physical place, since you can rent them and even take them home if you prefer, in addition, you start your own business in technology, a sector in trend.

The 3D printers are already part of our daily lives in many fields in which they are required, so do not wait any longer to set up your business and get the profitability you are looking for, promote and advance every day.