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Air Conditioning Sales Company – Start up, Trade and more

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Start with an air conditioning company

The possibility of achieving the ideal temperature, defying the coldest and most oppressive heat, has reached modern societies and it is very difficult today to find a home or a company that does not have an air conditioning unit.

So setting up an air conditioning sales and installation company is a very profitable business, due to the ever-increasing demand for the product, especially if we consider that in many areas climate change has been felt more strongly as the temperature.

If you are looking for a business with a moving market that provides you with a profitable option, this may be the business for you. Let’s see what you need to get started.

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First steps into the air conditioning business

When the customer first contacts a company that sells and installs air conditioning, a visit is agreed upon in which the officials will evaluate and measure the area to be covered in order to recommend the number of appliances to be installed, their power and the location of each one of them. All this will be presented in writing and sent by e-mail to await the client’s response. If the budget is accepted by the latter, we will proceed with the sale and installation of the equipment.

According to the modality that you choose, make a business plan that allows you to specify the activity in detail, to know which are the elements that you are going to need, the tools and equipment for the installation of the air conditioning. Also, quote each of them with the most important suppliers in the market to take into account the most sought after brands.

How an air conditioning company works

This business idea proposes to open a company that offers the service of air conditioning installation and at the same time, the sale of the same equipment. It is a venture that can be done with a physical location where air conditioning equipment is sold, or offer the service without necessarily having to open a location, but promoting it through different means.

Thus, according to the preferences and conditions of the entrepreneur, you can start your business as far as you can and earn the profitability you are looking for. To do this you will need to have the best suppliers in the market, but also the knowledge and, as far as possible, experience, to offer the service of air installation.

Requirements to open an air conditioning company

In the case of the air conditioning sales and installation company, the needs it covers are those of providing homes and commercial companies with technology that allows for absolute comfort.

The market sector that consumes this technology is absolutely all of them, since it can be so uncomfortable and even harmful to work a whole day in a cold office or, in the case of gastronomic premises, in the area where they cook, a high temperature can spoil certain dishes, especially desserts, that air conditioning is no longer considered a luxury item, and therefore its price has been significantly reduced.

Start with an air conditioning company

Recruitment of staff 

The role of the air conditioning sales and installation company personnel is extremely important, since the obtaining of certificates that guarantee the quality of the service that the company offers depends on their performance, which are indispensable for the company to function and the prestige of the clients.

Two types of employees work in this field: officers and laborers. The former will be required to have previous experience in the area to be able to start working, while the latter will be allowed to be absolutely inexperienced, as long as they are willing to learn the duties that the trade implies.

Tips for opening an air conditioning company

To promote your business, whether you have a physical location or not, use both physical and online advertising. That is: use flyers and posters that you can put up in high traffic and high commerce areas, you can even hand out flyers in related businesses or where your target audience is located.

As for online advertising, we recommend creating a website where your customers can learn about your full service, learn about your experience and success stories, evaluate the equipment and brands you work with, specifications of installation services, among others.

Remember that a friendly, respectful and cordial treatment is always the best magnet to attract customers to a business with any route in the market.

Weaknesses: often the use of this service is done under two options, the first with the recommendation of someone known to have tried the installation and / or sale of air conditioning

or by contacting directly the companies that manufacture the same air-conditioning equipment and that usually offer the service of installing it.

This scenario, although not decisive, should be taken into account when launching a business like this, to get as close as possible to people you know, family and friends who try our service and can recommend us to others.

Favourable points: although there are obstacles to start as for any other business, we can not leave aside the profitability of the company of sale and installation of air conditioning that can reach, due to a growing market in the industry, which seeks the level of comfort that a team of these can provide for an affordable price.

In addition, you can organize the modality that better agrees to you and in this measurement, to be calculating the costs of investment as much the initial necessities of equipment, to go, little by little, buying and acquiring according to each request.

If you have the knowledge and initial investment capital that can even start with a single piece of equipment, then this is a business idea that you should take into account, since more and more people are taking advantage of these new technologies to create environments more to their liking.

Start your business today.