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Automatic Shoe Shine, Operation and Maintainability

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Technology has taken over a great variety of spaces within daily life as we know it, where what used to work purely manually, now has systems that facilitate the work moving to the automatic. This is the case of the automatic shoe polisher.

This is why it has become one of the market sectors with great importance in the midst of aesthetics and personal appearance, but also in hygiene. Find out more about how to set up this business by reading through to the end.

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First steps in automatic shoe polishing

If you have ever dreamed of starting a business with potential profitability, but that does not require a large amount of start-up financing, then a shoe shine business may be right for you. Although you will need to get some specific supplies, there is not much cost associated with starting a shoe shine business.

The goal is to offer a high quality shoe shine service that can be with a cleaning space or with machines designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry.

How an automatic shoe shine business works

The automatic shoe polishing business is undertaken with specialised machines that work with infrared sensors and can detect the presence of a shoe in the groove. When the sensor is activated, a high quality fibre brush begins to rotate and cleans the shoe in seconds.

There are suppliers of automatic shoe polishing machines that you can contact to open your business. The high quality brushes and rotary motors used by shoe shiners are highly reliable, efficient, hygienic and have an aesthetic design suitable for five-star hotels, restaurants, agents, golf clubs, airports, stadiums, where you can place your machines and earn money instantly.

It is operated on contact and has a fully automatic stainless steel body, simple to polish and revitalize leather shoes, leaving them like new.

Requirements to undertake with automatic shoe polishing

It is necessary to obtain the necessary supplies that may vary according to the concept of our business. You would need to have a shoe shine stand, supplies for the care of your customers’ shoes. This could include a space for customers to sit, a professional shoe shine kit, including brushes, wax, leather protector, shiny cloths, applicator brushes and a shoe horn.

You can also invest in automatic shoe polishing machines and place them in or near hotels, restaurants, airports and others. In this way, you will make a profit with business travelers.

How the machine works 

Once a shoe is placed in the shoe holder in the machine, it starts to rotate automatically, removing dust from the shoe. The machine contains a cream polish dispenser with a nozzle for placing the polishing cream. It is necessary to first press the shoe against the nozzle to obtain the cream and to keep the shoe under the black or brown brush to obtain perfectly shiny shoes in a very short time.

Start your self-polishing business

Tips to earn money with automatic shoe polishing

One of the aspects that you should not forget is the promotion of your business so that your potential clients know you. This step is very important for you to start getting your first customers. You may need to print business cards and brochures. You can also open a web space where you can promote the machines and the sites where they are installed, highlighting their advantages.

On the other hand and an alternative that you can take into account, would be to undertake the business with boleado spaces through kits that contain the implements to perform the activity.

Weaknesses: although it is an uncommon business idea, you must take into account the competition, since there are, in the big stores, kits to clean the shoes with which travelers and executives can clean their shoes and that compete with the automatic machines or cleaning spaces. That is why you must set yourself apart, either by advising customers directly, so that they choose you and not others.

Make sure that the machines are in good condition, always in the best condition, because this will undoubtedly be the image of your business to your customers.

Points in favor: we have to emphasize that it is one of the most profitable businesses, especially if it is located in a strategic area where there is an abundance of pedestrians who use the ideal footwear for cleaning with automatic polish

or automatic bowling. Their activity is so much that you could even hire staff to work for you taking care of the machines.

Always try to identify the spaces where your target audience is located to increase the presence of machines that do their job with more than one customer. This will speed up the work a lot.

If you were looking for a business idea that you could undertake in a profitable sector, on the move and with little money, this is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market. Don’t wait any longer to get started and start planning your own business today.