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Computer Institute – Steps, tips and guidance

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Start with a computer institute

Computing has come into our lives, it has settled in, and everything seems to indicate that it is forever. Although children grow up with computers, ipads and tablets, there are certain specific programs that require step-by-step training to know how to use them and, what is fundamental, to prove with a certificate that one is an expert in their use.

To do this, it is necessary to go to a computer institute and acquire the necessary techniques there. However, we propose you to take even a step further and open a computer institute and other courses with great job opportunities.

Let’s see what you need to get started.

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First steps of a computer institute

Plan what you are going to offer, i.e. which courses, their duration, the price, the maximum number of students, how many teachers will be required for each course, the subjects, the price of the teaching hour, what inputs and equipment will be needed for each course (blackboard, markers, computers, projector, etc.), fixed costs of the institute (electricity, telephone, Internet connection, taxes, salaries, etc.)

Find a good location that suits your needs. Think in terms of how many courses will be running simultaneously, so you know how many rooms you need. A very good idea is to rent a house, but you must specify that the purpose will be commercial and what you intend to install there. The houses will give an air of family atmosphere to your computer institute.

How this business works

In a computer institute you can offer several programs or courses, the important thing is that you take into account two fundamental factors: the first one is that each course must have an OBJECTIVE, for which it is necessary to elaborate a PROFILE OF THE GRADUATE.

And second, that each course is taught through a computer. Although there will be a teacher and it will be a face-to-face course, each student must have a computer to do the assignments there and save them in a folder with his/her name. This is because we must maintain the consistency that we are in a computer institute.

Requirements to open a computer institute

Requirements to open a computer institute

The first and most important thing is that the entrepreneur has training in the area, since he or she is responsible for the classes that will be given and in general, for the quality of the service. To this same extent, he must have the necessary certifications and apply to the corresponding entities for permission to open his own computer institute.

Business equipment 

Decide how many machines you are going to install, their models and the programs you will need. When you have it, ask for a budget from different computer sales businesses and try to get discounts for the large quantities you will buy. Also plan to buy a projector if you will need one. In the case of furniture and supplies, you should have long tables to place one computer next to another and chairs.

Tips for opening a computer institute as a profitable business 

Set up your business in an area with good pedestrian flow. A good way to win over the first customers will be to identify areas where there are already educational centres, preferably not in the same area, so as not to have to compete directly.

Make sure you have an advertising campaign that allows you to make yourself known to your target customers, i.e. those who will be attending your computer school. You can hand out flyers and posters of your business in areas near institutions. Do not rule out the possibility of opening a website where your customers can meet you more easily and expand your business.

Weaknesses: one aspect that we must take into account to start, is that nowadays, programs in areas like this, are offered more and more often online, which has undoubtedly become one of the best options for all those who do not have enough time to take classes in person. Remember that your business must offer this possibility as well.

Pros: a business like this should always be updated, because even though the people who take your classes are already professionals in the field, they will also need to be updating their knowledge in the sector, so you will have a frequent flow of interested people whom you should make loyal so that they take your classes.

You have the possibility of offering the business modality that best suits your conditions and preferences, so organize your business as it works best for you and get started.

Now that you know everything you need to open a computer institute, what are you waiting for to get started? Get started with your business planning today.