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Drone Sales – Technology, Innovation and Profit

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Start with Drone Sales

Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones are a reality that we have been dealing with for a few years, but which over time became a tradition, comparable to the use of any other device that is required to work, be it the tablet, camera or computer.

It is a market that is rapidly developing and focuses mainly on the branch of aerial photography: wedding videos, sporting events, documentaries for tour operators, and remote sensing for agriculture, among other activities. Choosing to enter this field, from a sale, assembly and rental activity of unmanned aircrafts, can be a very profitable business.

How does it work? Let’s get started.

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First steps with the sale of drones

To engage in drone distribution, it is key to have carefully selected manufacturers and to verify commercial agreements. You also need to emphasize the added value of your business, as these vehicles can easily be purchased online directly from the manufacturer. So, it will stand in the way of renting these private helicopters, repairing them and teaching them to fly.

As far as renting is concerned, it is also important to have drones of different formats to offer variety to your customers who require one temporarily. These must be of quality and subject to constant revision to guarantee the correct functioning.

How a drone business works

The technology is obviously of military origin, but cleared and adapted for civilian use in very diverse areas. Monitoring, surveillance, terrestrial mapping, civil protection. The drones help technicians and specialists in the placement of national security, photo surveys, video filming, film, among others.

The variety of tasks that can be performed by a drone gives rise to a large number of activities that can be performed with it, as we saw, in many spaces and therefore it becomes today a profitable business idea, because its recognition does not stop growing.

Start with Drone Sales

How much can a drone cost?

There are drones bought for less than 100 euros, but they have few functions.  Renting them is almost impossible. Drones with the best technology in terms of engines, cameras, remote control, propellers and monitor, however, can cost a good amount of money. The ideal is to find a middle ground in the market, however, it is possible, as well as to achieve the necessary skills to build your own drone business, by purchasing the different parts online.

Requirements for opening a drone business

If you want to sell or rent drones you must have a solid background in electronics and mechanics. Therefore, knowledge is inevitable if you want to build these vehicles on your own (there are already tutorials on YouTube). Likewise, it is essential that you know if you want to sell or rent drones, the models that exist as well as the functionality.

It is also necessary to train in repairing them. On the internet you will find a lot of technical information about the different models and driving guides. Experience is important in each of the three aspects: assembly, repair and piloting. In short: you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, but you do have to have a healthy passion for model airplanes and handle them with screws, bolts and cables.

Documents and permits 

At present, it is necessary to be aware of the legal authorizations that govern the use of this type of device, so it is important that you consult very well what are the operating licenses that are being applied in the area where you live according to the use of drones. This information should be presented to your customers to avoid any problems.

Opening a physical or virtual business?

You have these two options to start your business. If you decide to open a physical location, keep in mind that you will need to invest in buying or renting a location, as well as in already ordered drones to supply the business, including available personnel. This option involves a larger investment of money.

If you decide to sell the drones online, then you can do without a physical space and open your own virtual store, connect with suppliers for the supply of photos of available drones and information, content that will be published in your store. This must be connected to social networks.

Choose the option that, according to your conditions, you can undertake. You can start with a virtual shop and if it is viable in a certain area, you can set up your physical business.

Requirements for opening a drone business

Start with a drone franchise? 

There are already many drone manufacturers, especially abroad, that allow you to open a shop for the sale and rental of unmanned aircraft

The franchisees, however, do not all have the same mode of operation, so it is recommended that you investigate those that operate in each region of interest.

Opening a drone pilot school, in fact, can be a great business idea, because there are very few of them, and in the future, as we pointed out, more and more people will be called upon to work with drones. That’s another possibility in this field. If it is a future development, it is already possible to make interesting profits with these vehicles today.

Tips for undertaking with drones 

We recommend you to be in contact with your supplier and drone manufacturer so that, at the moment they place an order, you can quote it and send photos about the drone model the customer wants. Also, you must be in the position to recommend a model according to the customer’s need.

If you do not have knowledge about the use or repair of this type of devices, it is extremely important that you have specialized personnel in its handling, review and operation at a general level to avoid shortcomings in the process of renting drones, buying, selling or in the school of drones during a session if you decide to also this type of business.

Weaknesses: although the use of drones is an increasingly common activity, there are a number of conditions and rules for its operation that must be known by both the entrepreneur and the customer to have no inconvenience or penalty for its use in specific areas, for example.

Finding out and taking into account these regulations in each region where you plan to operate should be one of your main activities.

Pros: As we mentioned, there are two modalities on which you can set up your own drone business, which allows you, as an entrepreneur, to be able to adapt the idea to your conditions and preferences. On the other hand, it is a business that, at present, given the amount of options and fields in which it can be used, is extremely profitable and required in them.

Acquiring quality equipment will be the key to increasing the profitability of your business. Make sure you have a catalogue of items that is always up to date so that you do not lose customers in the process.

And you, what are you waiting for to start your business? Take advantage of digital tools to actively promote your business and publish promotions that could attract and extend to a larger number of people.

Start today.