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Electric motorcycle rental – Tips, Advice and Advantages

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Start with Electric Motorcycle Rental

Traveling, transport, getting there, going to and from the airport has been one of the most important needs in growth, especially if we take into account the many activities that we carry out every day and that are also increasing. This, in addition to the trend to seek more sustainable means of transport for the environment. This is how the electric motorcycle rental business emerges as a profitable business.

How do we offer this type of service, to whom do we offer it and how do we reach the type of customers we are looking for? These are some of the questions we will be solving throughout this article to show you the steps you must follow to start your business.

Let’s see how it works and how to get started.

First Steps with Electric Motorcycle Rental

Before any other step, it is convenient to carry out a market study that allows you to find the place with the right conditions to set up your business, according to the information we saw a moment ago. In this process you can also start with the search of your potential customers; people who need the service regularly, possibly students or workers.

Having an idea of the cost of renting or buying the place, along with the business equipment and its costs, will allow us to have an idea of the initial investment value we need. This step is part of the development of a business plan, a document in which you describe step by step the operation of your business to assess your needs and set a course on our path of entrepreneurship.

How does an electric motorcycle rental business work?

An electric motorcycle rental business must be set up and established in an area with high vehicular flow but coincide with pedestrian flow that is looking for transportation for the errands they have to run.

The rental can be defined by hours of use, taking into account also the peak hours that have greater demand. We can define if we will provide the service by established schedules or if we will be available every day, from Monday to Sunday.

NOTE: although this type of business allows the entrepreneur to start it even without having experience in the field, it is important that you train yourself and learn everything you need to know, from the operation of the motorcycles, to administration and management of personnel so that you can take the activity in the best way.

Who will be my clients?

To know who our customers will be, it is necessary to start by identifying who would find the service useful. In this sense, we find the following profiles, such as university students, tourists and visitors, people with urgent transportation needs, people who require transportation for work purposes, people who require transportation for medical purposes, who provide the courier service sporadically, among many others.

Requirements to offer electric motorcycle rental

Legalizing the business is one of the most important parts of operating this type of activity. To do so, we must go to the regulatory body that operates in our city and carry out the relevant procedures that accredit us as a company that rents electric motorcycles. Remember that the processes depend on where you are.

Location of my business 

As we mentioned, it is necessary to look for a place in an open area with easy access to vehicular places, but also to pedestrians in the area, so you must take into account residential areas and important roads. Your location should be easy to see by passers-by.

This area should have enough space to store the motorcycles that are not in service, as well as you can install a small office with chairs for your clients or your clients’ companions to wait while the process is completed.

Requirements to offer electric motorcycle rental

Needs of the premises 

The equipment of your business should not only have new and top quality electric motorcycles, with different sizes and varied styles so that it can be adapted to the style and preferences of each client, but should also have accessories or complements such as drawers in case they are requested by the client.

On the other hand, you will also need to have office supplies, such as a desk, a computer, paper, pens, a calculator, chairs and other items that are essential for your operation. Remember to have a space where you can place some waiting chairs, magazines or TV for entertainment.

Choose your staff 

For this type of business it is necessary to have at least two people in charge of activities such as: registration of rentals, sample and direct customer service, cleaning of the place and telephone attention in the office. For this it is necessary to have people with very good customer service who achieve

convince with the great service you propose.

How do I promote my business?

For the promotion of the electric motorcycle rental service, you can hand out flyers to people in and around the area, also advertisements and announcements through media such as the newspaper and if you can, through television and radio. Don’t forget to have a web page where other potential clients who need your service can contact you and social networks to be closer to them.

Tips for success

When acquiring your equipment, especially the motorcycles with which your business will operate, it is extremely necessary that you take into account several aspects that will help you choose very well, such as: quality of the motorcycles offered, time in the market, prestige of the public, repair services and guarantees, among others.

Although we are facing a growing demand in this field, this type of business may be very innovative for the market, so it will be necessary, in addition to promoting it, to expose the customer why he should use your service. In view of this, the public will feel more identified, will understand the need and will have to prove it.

Weaknesses: electrical failures and mishaps with the operation of the motorcycles are situations that can easily occur, so in addition to avoiding buying second-hand electric motorcycles, it is essential to have a person who is an expert in the field who can perform regular reviews of the means of transport.

In addition to this, it is necessary to keep all operating documents up to date with each bike, otherwise this could negatively impact your growth.

Points in favour: we must bear in mind that this business idea responds to two clear needs that are currently of great importance; on the one hand, the need to transport ourselves, to facilitate individual mobility in order to carry out all our errands, and on the other hand, the reduction of pollution, since we know that one of the most polluting sectors in the world has to do with common means of transport.

Likewise, it is a business idea that will allow you to grow by leaps and bounds in the market if you stay advertising, especially because most of the searches and contacts, will take place by this means, especially online.

So, what are you waiting for to start your journey in the venture with a profitable idea that promises to last over time? Start your business today, don’t let your audience wait for you anymore.