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Electronic Cigarette Shop – Benefits, Business and Home

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Setting up an electronic cigarette shop

The electronic cigarette was born in China and, after its great success throughout Europe, has landed on our shores to discredit traditional cigarettes, to propose an alternative to quitting smoking directly, and to corner the market with the distribution of electronic cigarettes.

As well as being considered one of the possible substitutes for traditional cigarettes, it prevents the damage caused to health by smoking. This is why it becomes a great way to save if you are going to spend an average of more than 100 euros per month, since these are reduced by half or even more.

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First steps of an electronic cigarette shop

The first step is to find a suitable place to host your new business. A very large space is not required in size (20-40 square meters is enough) but the room must be equipped with all the necessary permits, such as the intended use of the commercial space and the electrical system.

Another important aspect is certainly represented in the location of the store. Ideally, you should find a location in a well trafficked area, which can offer a decent user base and proximity to places that encourage parking of potential customers in the vicinity of your store.

How does an electronic cigarette store work?

Unlike the alternatives proposed so far on the market, in fact, electronic cigarettes allow the smoker to maintain the gestures linked to the smoking habit without this involving the consumption of the harmful components of tobacco in the body. Feelings, perceptions and habits remain intact, the only thing that changes are the implications for health.

Our business idea proposes to open a place of operation in which electronic cigarettes become the base product of distinction, where we include important brands, different styles, sizes, colors, etc. In this way the client will be able to choose the one that best suits him.

Why open a business like this?

As they do not burn, in fact, electronic cigarettes do not produce carbon monoxide and therefore do not expose the smoker to the typical risks associated with traditional cigarette consumption. This type of product, nowadays, has a high profitability due to the fact that more and more people are abandoning the traditional cigarette, but as we know, it is a process that takes time and electronic cigarettes become a tool that is part of this path.

To support the smoker during his “journey of redemption”, in addition, the liquid of electronic cigarettes also contain different amounts of nicotine.

Who is my business aimed at?

It focuses on smokers who are willing to quit and want to manage the transition phase through this tool. Smokers who want to reduce the negative effects of smoking through the use of the electronic cigarette, usually men whose age can range from 30 to 50 years old, although this range is not decisive.

Setting up an electronic cigarette shop

Requirements to open an electronic cigarette store

The first thing we must do is consult a good accountant to carry out all the legislative requirements of the case. Consult with the entity in charge of your city, to know which are the documents you need to register your business and obtain the necessary permits.

In addition to agreeing to the provisions of the Act, ultimately your business must be carefully completed with a professional who offers your customers a quality product in a friendly, respectful manner and as far as possible, with all the necessary information about the use of the product. This includes an assessment and accompaniment with each person.

How much money do I need?

Define the cost of renting or buying the premises, adding up the equipment, the purchase of the products you are going to sell, the display cases, the staff that will work with you and possible expenses for fitting out the space to obtain a quote.

With its compact size required for the premises and the minimal style of furniture that usually distinguishes this type of company, we can quantify the initial investment that could add up to around 8,000 euros. A definitely accessible figure that, in most cases, also includes the price of the entrance.

How do I promote my business?

Although the physical premises are a good form of promotion and market presence, this is not enough. What you will do to promote your business must go further. If possible, with the distribution of flyers and posters that are located in areas with high pedestrian flow.

Don’t forget that a good website can have many advantages for a business like this, given that

Today, people who decide to try alternatives that will take them away from tobacco use directly, first do an Internet search where they can find other options. That’s when they come across your business website where they can find out about your product catalogue and various information on its use and operation.

Tips for setting up my own electronic cigarette shop

If you have no knowledge about the use of electronic cigarettes, their advantages, disadvantages, care and so on, it is best to take some time to investigate and train yourself about it, since your business should be run by someone knowledgeable on the subject and in addition, you will not only have to supervise the staff, but choose to buy electronic cigarettes, advise your customers and more.

Choose the most outstanding suppliers in the market to supply your store. Acquire quality products, as these are the ones that will later go to the public and on them depends, also, the image and prestige of your business. Make a previous research to know the electronic cigarette brands in the market and consult their operation, prices, delivery times, experience in the sector and more. Choose consciously and not out of eagerness.

Weaknesses: in many cases, entrepreneurs tend to over-invest, which ends up in a substantial loss of money with a business that has not been more consciously planned and where the steps have been taken with eagerness. Avoid buying too much thinking that you will sell everything quickly, as this takes time, especially when it is a new location.

Don’t forget the importance of having all the necessary permits to operate the business, as this could lead not only to fines but also to the closure of your business. Make sure you have all the documentation up to date.

Pros: Nowadays this type of product has become one of the favourites of a large number of people, so advertising will have to be constant in order to attract as many customers as possible. Remember that both physical and online advertising are crucial to this.

Another factor that promotes electronic cigarettes is the possibility of using them also in public places without having to go out: in a pub, a pizzeria and a bar, which is much more convenient for those who use it.

And you, what are you waiting for to start your electronic cigarette business and become one of the entrepreneurs with one of the most profitable products in the sector? Start your business soon, you will be surprised by all the customers who are looking for you.