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Electronic Support Services – Structure, Investment and Advice

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How to open e-support services

E-assistance can be a good way to enter the market with your own business. This development model does not require a large structure, nor does it require large investments, since the technology is added more every day and we can take advantage of it for management.

This sector has become one of the most important for an entrepreneur who has knowledge in the area or is passionate about it and wants to start a business. So, if you are interested, here you will find all the information you need to open your own e-support services business.

Let’s get started!

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How does an e-support business work?

Let’s start with an explanation of what this activity consists of. It is a service that focuses on the repair or maintenance of electronic devices. You can choose to work with one type of equipment or different types, but in general it is televisions, DVDs and audio devices that are most common. Some more specialized companies take care of everything in front of the kitchen, such as refrigerators, blenders, microwaves, washing machines and dishwashers, among others. The more services you offer, obviously, the more income you will have in the company.

To open an e-services business, the entrepreneur must be aware that there will be no need for constant recycling because technology and its evolution are linked in all points. So we know that we have to constantly invest in the training of employees. This is one of the important points of this type of business and any other that works with technology.

Who is my business aimed at?

The target audience of the electronic assistance services company is mostly “residential” customers, individuals who require the service to solve a problem with their electronic devices. If you wish, there is also the possibility of setting up an electronic service company in the form of an authorized assistance company.

How much money do I need to get started?

The ideal is to start the project, with at least 3.00 to 5.000 euros to get the parts system for the repair, phone, computer and other small accessories needed. We need to initially invest in machinery, equipment and even office furniture such as tables and chairs and a concierge service for the public.

Define whether you will open a physical location where your clients bring their appliances, or if you will offer your service at home. Although it is convenient to combine both modalities, we must make a quotation that allows us to add these costs to the estimated investment value.

Requirements to offer electronic assistance service

The first thing is that as an entrepreneur, not only do you need to have sufficient knowledge in the activities that your business will perform, but also, you must be constantly updating and reviewing that everything works correctly, evaluating each article and knowing their versions and the best way to solve it.

To open an electronic assistance service you need to hire qualified labor, such as technicians who know and understand the parts of the internal circuits of the device. On the other hand, it is necessary to invest in hiring a receptionist and the manager himself can take care of the administrative part.

You will need to have operating permits. Register your business with the corresponding entity, this will also allow you to generate invoices that will increase the confidence in your service.

My business needs 

The entrepreneur needs to study about the area where he wants to open his business and everything will depend on where he is going to set it up: in average or medium upper class neighbourhoods, and this will depend on your willingness to pay the rent. But before you find the commercial point to build your structure, be sure to find out about the competition.

For a simple structure you will need at least 50 square meters so that you can divide between the customer service part and where the material for the repair of each of the appliances will be.

How do I start my electronic service business?

Start by evaluating the area where you are going to install your business. If you plan to open a business, look for a space with high pedestrian flow, preferably a commercial area where you have access to a large number of people. This way people, when they recognize your service, will take you as a reference when they have a problem with their items.

Make a business plan that allows you to quote the tools you will need, the conditioning of the premises, advertising, staff, the cost of transport for the journey or purchase of your own means of transport, among others. The of all this will allow you to set an approximate initial investment amount.

How do I promote my business?

For this branch of service, the disclosure is of utmost importance, however, the best way to advertise is with the same service, offering a quality one, where your customers trust you and where they receive a friendly and cordial treatment.

The other part of the advertising will be focused on printing advertisements, brochures and even placing a company slogan on the vehicles. This marketing is essential to attract customers to your electronics service company. Don’t forget the advantages of opening a website that allows you to make yourself known to a much wider audience.

How to open e-support services

Tips to earn money with an e-support service

Although you can’t expect the customer to understand in every measure how your business works, they are always grateful when you simply explain to them the problem with the devices and the procedures you performed, because the fact that you mention it is usually a very important trigger of trust that you should look for.

A satisfied customer is the best profit magnet, since they will recommend your work to people close to them, family members and acquaintances. That is why it is important to offer a quality service that not only includes the improvement, revision or repair of the device in question, but also involves a friendly, cordial customer service, in which the accounts are clear from the initial moment and the delivery dates are met. This becomes the best letter of introduction for a service-focused business.

Weaknesses: You should keep in mind that today’s market almost forces consumers to buy new appliances instead of repairing damaged ones, leaving businesses that specialize in services like these without customers.

This situation represents a challenge for a business like this one, because the percentage that prefers to repair is especially found in people who either do it to save money or to do their bit by decreasing the demand for products like these. Look for your advertising to reach this audience, who will be your potential customers.

Advantages: this business idea allows you to choose the mode that best suits your budget, your preferences and conditions of start, so that either you can open a place of operation from which to operate your business, or dispense with it, save that money and devote yourself to offering a service of electronic assistance at home.

Choose the option that best suits what you want for this initial stage, which is usually the most complex one, because keeping up with your project starts to set the direction it will take in the market.

Start your business today.