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Elevator Service – Repairs, installations, advantages and more

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Start with an Elevator Service

Companies that provide machinery service or lift service have a large field of work, since for less than half the price, they put into operation something that would otherwise have to be replaced. So an Elevator Maintenance Service has a vast clientele waiting to affiliate and turn it into a profitable business.

This is one of the most important services, since nowadays one sees more often the construction of large buildings where this becomes the most efficient means of movement. Therefore, if you have the necessary knowledge and are looking for a business alternative, this could be the idea for you.

Let’s see how it works and what you need to get started.

First steps in an elevator maintenance business

The majority of the personnel that will integrate the staff of an elevator service will be technicians that have participated in the manufacturing processes or have integrated the service of other elevator companies. Make sure you have technicians with proven experience in all brands of lifts in your country. In this way, you will be able to offer service to all possible places knowing that you have the right personnel to do so.

Put together a team you can start with. Initially it should not be so numerous, but it is necessary to have the knowledge you need. Quote the review tools you will need to always have them at hand for each service.

How an elevator maintenance business works

A company or business specializing in the maintenance of elevators, a venture whose activity focuses on the repair and revision of elevators that are installed in business buildings, offices, residential buildings, shopping centers, among others.

In this sense, maintenance is performed once every month or two to check the condition of the belts and make sure that the mechanical part is working properly to rule out any condition or danger. The repair occurs when they are damaged or the belts break. If this happens, the Lift Service will go to the site and repair it.

In other words, Lift Service provides assurance that someone is on the other side to prevent and solve problems related to the operation of the lift.

Why start a business like this?

You think of a service like this when you see that, with the exception of most houses, all buildings, public and private, have at least one lift in their structure. Of course, they need to be maintained periodically to make sure everything is fine, and sometimes they break down or get stuck, so they need to be repaired on the spot.

Start with an Elevator Service

Requirements for undertaking lift maintenance

The first thing we should think about when we officially open our elevator maintenance business is registering it. To do this, the state offices will provide us with a number that will also allow us to invoice our customers. Check with these entities for possible permits or licenses to operate your business, since not all cities work the same.

On the other hand, it is recommended that the company has a system of hierarchy, with a manager, administrator, purchasing manager, administrative, receptionist and technicians. Also, the staff, especially the technician, should have knowledge of brands and everything related to maintenance.

Tips for providing lift maintenance service 

You can choose several ways for customers to join your company. You can think of different quotas for control frequencies, for example once a month, twice a month and so on. You also have the option to, for a higher fee, offer one repair per year at no extra cost.

Large repairs are usually charged separately, both in terms of labor and materials to be used. That is, between the different membership fees and the one-time repairs, you will make a profit on your business. Make sure you offer a quality service, where you can be sure to offer guarantees to your customers and constant revisions.

Weak points: even if you only dedicate yourself to the management and supervision of your business, it is a requirement to have knowledge in this area, because it is a service of utmost care, where a mistake could take human lives. It is necessary to verify the knowledge and experience of the personnel that offers the service, but also to look for other spaces of learning where they can be trained and specialized.

Points in favor: it is a business idea that, in fact, can be started with very little money, since the key is to have training in the maintenance of

elevators, and that’s where the service will start. On the other hand, you do not need to have a working place to offer the maintenance service, but you will be able to move around with very good publicity.

Now that we are on the subject of advertising, you can have business cards that you offer to potential customers, buildings and so on, as well as flyers, and don’t forget a good website that will make you known to a wider audience.

Do you have the knowledge? Start your business with project planning, a well-drawn map and start making money.