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Setting up an Internet cafe service business – Sustainability and Trade

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Connecting a good business

The cybercafés or Internet cafés, as they are also known, have become not only a place where one can access information for work and study, but also a meeting point for young people. A cybercafé is part of the social and cultural change that societies have been experiencing since the rise of the Internet. Therefore, setting up a cybercafé can be a very profitable business.

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The profitability of this type of business lies in its location, so we must look for areas of the city in which we are interested to settle to find a place with demand for this service.

What do you need to set up an Internet cafe?

When setting up an Internet café, the following requirements must be taken into account:

Authorization and licenses: to obtain them, it is necessary to go to the offices of the state entities, where they will be processed. Once done and in hand, we will be ready to invoice.

Equipment: we begin with the furniture, which must be appropriate and spacious in order to put the computers and other material on it. Then we will have to invest in computers which, depending on the size of the cybercafé you have decided to open, may go from less than ten to almost thirty. The computers will have to be installed in a network, so you will need to make the network connection and have a server. Each computer will have a microphone and a webcam. You will also need to have a scanner and a printer that will serve all the machines.

Possible services in an Internet café

Before setting up an Internet café, it should be determined whether the venue will have a chat, browsing, printing and scanning service approach, or whether an online games call centre will be organised, or whether the services will be combined to cover all the needs of the area.

Once the decision has been made, the machines will be configured for that use.

-The advantages of the first use, is that the call centre is intended for a larger number of people, since both those who work and those who study need to scan and print documents.

As for the second use, the advantage is that it is in great demand among the teenage public. It is for this purpose that the audience in question is gathered. Moreover, since the charge is per hour, interesting amounts of money can be earned if customers stay for hours playing.

What do you need to set up an Internet cafe

Staffing and selling tangibles in an Internet café

We don’t need to hire several people, because usually just one is enough, since one person attending to the business is enough and superfluous. What is exclusive, is that the person working there has full knowledge of issues related to technology, such as Internet connection and how to solve it if it stops working, everything related to the operation of the machines and handling of all its functions. If they also know about PC repair and handling of hardware, it will be even better.

Products: In addition to the services mentioned, to set up an Internet café you should think about selling tangible products such as sweets, snacks, soft drinks and coffee. Don’t forget stationery as well. This is important, as many young people often stay for hours at a time. So a snack can earn you extra money.

Promotion: If we are located in a small area, it is likely that residents will quickly find out about our existence, however, it is necessary to ensure this through advertising. To promote this type of business, it will be necessary to place flyers in known and very busy places, as well as other related businesses in which we draw the attention of local residents.

Problems that may arise

With the rapid technological advance and how easy it is to have internet in the main cities for free from a device, the truth is that this scope still does not cover all countries and therefore, all its territory, so the location is an essential issue in this type of business, analyzing a site where there is no offer of this service to offer it there.

Final recommendation

In order to offer the best service, we recommend that the equipment used by users is always in the best possible condition, as well as the entire appearance of the premises. Don’t forget that customer loyalty is an important aspect and that the more services and related products you offer, the better and more you take advantage of your reach.

Don’t forget that the key to success is the passion you put into your business and your project, so it will be key to have in your pocket: patience, discipline, perseverance, commitment and a lot of energy.