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How to Set Up an Internet Cafe – Maintainability and Competence

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Start with an Internet café

Internet cafes have become not only a place where you can access information for work, study or other types of errands that are done through this tool, but also a meeting point for young people who want to play online.

A cybercafé is part of the social and cultural change that societies have been experiencing since the rise of the Internet. Therefore, setting up a cybercafé can be a very profitable business, especially if it is located in a good area.

Let’s see what you need to get started.

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First steps in an Internet café

Once you have determined the area in which you are going to set up your business, which in what we recommend may be areas close to educational institutions, main streets, etc, it is time to make a business plan to determine the initial investment value. Quote the equipment, the cost of installation and the suitability of the space, among others.

Remember that in this type of business, people can stay a long time and even require other types of products and services, so it is convenient to offer some sweets for sale, stationery, ring services, printing, etc.

How an Internet café works

Let’s start at the beginning. A cybercafé, or Internet café, is a place open to the public that has several computers connected to the Internet and that offers, at a fixed cost according to the time of use, the connection to this service where you can surf according to your preferences.

This space, although it is more required by those who need to carry out school or university work, has moved to areas with more affluence of other types of public, given the increase of Internet facilities in homes. Therefore, the location becomes a fundamental aspect to locate it.

Requirements for success 

When setting up an Internet café, the following requirements must be taken into account:

Habilitation: to obtain it, it is necessary to go to the offices of the state entities, where it will be processed.

Equipment: this includes furniture, computers, hearing aids, chairs, display case, among others. The computers must be connected to the network, so you will need to have a contracted server. Each computer will have a microphone and a webcam. You should also have a scanner and a printer that will serve all the machines.

Staff: usually one is enough. It is important that the person who works there has knowledge of issues related to technology, such as the Internet connection and how to fix it if it stops working, and everything related to the operation of the machines and their functions.

Start with an Internet café

Tips for setting up an Internet café and making money

In addition to the services mentioned, to set up an Internet café you should think about selling tangible products such as sweets, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks and coffee.

Make sure that all the equipment you install has everything you need to get started, that they are fast machines and that the Internet connection works smoothly, so your provider should guarantee good speed.

Weaknesses: one very important aspect to consider when opening an Internet cafe is that nowadays, the number of Internet installations at home has grown significantly, which has left aside this type of service, as people already have Internet at home. For this reason, it is advisable to vary the services offered there and to look for areas such as educational centres that require the service for sending or printing jobs.

This business idea can imply a significant investment cost, especially if we take into account that it requires the purchase of computers and an Internet connection. To reduce costs, you can start with a few computers, at least two or three. However, it includes other services.

Pros: The advantage of setting up an Internet café is that it is in great demand among the teenage public, who among other things, are fans of Internet games, so by offering this type of software on the computers, they are sure to spend a lot of time playing.

It is for this purpose that the public in question meets. In addition, since the charge is per hour, you can earn interesting amounts of money if customers stay hours playing. If you have an area at home with the conditions we mentioned, you can save investment costs and set up your business there.

Start your own business and start earning money in a short time with an enterprise that adapts to the needs of your customers.

Start today.