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Photocopy Business – Steps to Open a Copy Shop, Tips and Benefits

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Opening a copy shop, tips and advantages

Contrary to what we may think, businesses dedicated to the reproduction of photocopies are not as obsolete as we might think, because the need for copies of documents, files, books or other types of content in sheets, is growing and solid for many aspects in different fields, from education, to medical and legal.

With a very good location and a business plan developed according to the need and the market, we can make this a very successful business that provides the profitability we are looking for. How much to invest? The entrepreneur in this type of business will be able to have between 10,000 and 20,000 dollars initially, according to his conditions and preferences in the first steps.

How to start? Let’s see.

The businesses whose technology theme here

How does a copy shop or photocopy business work?

Well, let’s start by focusing on the activity of this business idea. It consists of opening a copy shop, a physical establishment in which printers and photocopiers are available to offer this service in a strategic place that allows us to have an open letter to a large number of people.

This business requires both a central location and staff who are aware of the needs of customers. There are also a number of other items offered as a complement and there is often stationery that our customers may easily need.

Requirements for opening a copy shop

Having the legal permissions and licenses to operate, allows you to operate a business subject to the statutes of law, as well as being able to start the business. You must carry out your respective inscription and registration with the regulatory entity of your city, so you must go to it to know the procedures that you must do, since in all cities and countries, these procedures may have some variations according to the labor legislation that has been raised.

 Location of the business 

It is not necessary to have an extremely large premises to start our operation in the copy shop, as we can have a relatively small premises where we offer the service, especially if it is near the potential areas we have already mentioned, such as university, court and school areas, among others.

Business equipment 

In addition to the devices for photocopying, you should have items for making ring binders, binding machines, printers, photocopiers, computers, service meters, printer and photocopier supplies, offer color photocopies, black and white photocopies, among others as different types of paper and some other materials, if you want, stationery and school supplies to complement.

The place should have showcases and machines to provide the service comfortably and, if you wish, you can offer products that customers can consume while they wait.

How do I start my own copy shop?

Starting to analyze the conditions of the market we are aiming at will allow us to identify potential areas where we can set up our business, as well as give us an idea of the operation and strategies of the moment being used for its development.

In the market study, an extremely important document, we can identify the competition, analyze the location of your customers, know the functioning of the business specifically to highlight their needs, study promotional strategies for the area, assess the level of demand, among other key aspects that will also allow us to have an idea of the investment capital needed.

And don’t forget…

This information will be key to choosing the best location according to the concentration of demand that exists. Often, this type of business tends to have higher profitability near educational institutions, companies, universities, medical and health centers, control entities, among other places where people need to carry out procedures and so on.

Staff recruitment: the number of people you need depends on the size of the premises and the demand we have. Initially, besides the business owner, it is recommended the presence of 2 or 3 more people to take care of all the services that the premises will have, so there can be more than one photocopier, preferably.

Tips to open a copy shop and make money 

How do I promote my business?

We mainly recommend emphasizing on local advertising having a greater reach to the demanding public that is in the area, so we must address the printing of flyers and notices to provide the passers-by of the place, as well as advertisements on the front of the premises that allow to visualize the copy shop easily.

Then there are other means of dissemination such as radio and television, which we recommend accessing if you have the possibility

Don’t forget the web presence, through a page and social networks to be closer to your customers. There you publish the services you offer and if possible, photographs of the place.

Tips to open a copy shop and make money 

Location is a fundamental role in the performance of a business like this, but so is everything we offer within it, which is why, in addition to photocopies, it has other types of services that customers can take away. If you noticed, in the equipment of the premises we mentioned several machines that are necessary to have and that will allow the customer to take a much more complete service, such as binding, for example, of photocopied or printed documents. Look for quality machines, preferably new ones, although you can save some money in the initial stage if you buy used but in good condition.

It is necessary that you take enough time to think about the strategies you are going to use to attract the attention of your public, as well as the structure that your place will have, the decoration and operation techniques so that the service is efficient, complete and fast for each person that enters.

Weaknesses: in addition to not carrying out initial market studies, many entrepreneurs often make other mistakes such as limiting the scope and potential of the business, reducing it to a service or a type of business, so that their income does not end up being what they expected.

Pros: this business idea makes a very important activity, so if you have a good location, your customers can arrive faster than you think. Make sure that each person who enters is served on time, with kindness and cordiality, because this becomes one of the most important pillars of a business open to the public.

Establish the hours of operation according to the movement of your target audience, do not discard the possibility of including other products that your customers may need to increase your profits and offer as many products as they may need in one place.

Have a lot of courage, energy and patience for this new project you are about to start, if you have already made the decision. Start your business today.