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Repairing mobile phones and selling accessories – Start up, Entrepreneurship

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Start with Mobile Phone Arrangements and Accessory Sales

Technological advances, new products and the daily use of mobile phones, as the main tool in our daily lives, have allowed us to have greater needs with respect to this type of item, in addition to the growing business that has emerged with its appearance and permanence.

For all this, if you have knowledge about the arrangement of this type of devices or you are attracted by this sector of the market, this is an idea that you should consider given its boom and trend in recent years.

To know how to start, let’s see the following points:

Businesses that provide technology here

Running a mobile phone repair business

In a place open to the public we will provide the service of repair and arrangement for mobile phones where in addition, in order to increase income and that your customers find items related to their interest with the phones, we will put on sale all kinds of accessories for them, among which are: covers, housings, accessories, headsets, details of decoration of phones, among others.

We have mentioned the sale of accessories because often, many of the people who enter this business looking for the repair service, are not only potential customers, but also seek items for their phones, so it becomes one of the best ways to increase profits.

Requirements to offer a mobile phone repair service

It is extremely important to have all permits and certificates of operation as a legal business. To do this, once you have chosen the name of your business, it is time to go to the entity in charge of your city to make the respective process.

If you have a parking lot at home that is not used or a space facing the street where you can install your business, it is a very good option that will help you reduce costs, but if not, you can look to buy or rent a small place in a busy area to increase your opportunities.

My business needs 

The equipment that we need in the operation place, will be to be able to exhibit the accessories and to repair the telephones, reason why we are going to need to count on shelves, exhibitors, tables, chairs and in general, utensils and tools for the arrangement of the devices and a decoration according to the place. Handling a theme in the decoration of the place makes customers feel more attracted and therefore want to enter the premises.

Do not forget to add to the quote the purchase of the products you are going to sell and the tools for the repair of the mobile equipment.

Repairing mobile phones

Should I hire staff?

With the increase in demand, you will need more people who can deliver outstanding repairs, so make sure you have at least one person with the necessary skills to do so.

Whether or not you have knowledge of fixing mobile phones (which I recommend is a short time as every entrepreneur should know how and why their business works in all areas), you should also hire qualified personnel in the area who can carry out this type of work in cases where there are several orders and thus not leave any customer behind. Make sure they have the knowledge and skills necessary for the activity.

How do I start my mobile phone repair business?

Now, we need our star products: mobile phone accessories, complements and mobile phone spare parts to offer all the services that the shop needs.

If you search for your suppliers online, you will probably find many wholesalers offering what you are looking for, however, ideally we will partner with the manufacturers directly, not only to get better prices, but also to access a wider variety of quality products. No third parties.

How do I promote my business?

In addition to the decoration and visibility of the place you win in promoting your business, you can also hand out flyers and business cards promoting your mobile phone repair service and the sale of high quality mobile phone accessories.

Another way to promote it and that you cannot discard, is to be present on the Internet and even sell the accessories on an online site, for example.

Tips to start a mobile phone repair business and make money 

To choose your suppliers, take into account: experience in the market, variety of products, wholesale costs, distance, shipping costs (possible), customer relations, quality of customer service and in general, the shopping experience to follow with them.

Besides taking care of the above, it is extremely important to always seek to provide products of the highest quality so that the

customer is completely satisfied. To this we must add the customer service, because you must make him feel that it is the most important thing for you and that his problem is your priority, this will make him feel very well attended, he will want to come back and of course, he will recommend you to his acquaintances.

Weaknesses: one of the most frequent problems of this type of business, is that the target audience is subject to the belief of non-delivery, in addition to unfortunately in the market, many of these that are presented as professionals, are dishonest, which could mark your business of not taking care of your staff and finish on time the problems to be solved.

Points in favor: it is a business that is in one of the most profitable sectors of the market at the moment and that promises to remain for a long time, since mobile phones have become the tool par excellence that we always carry with us and therefore, the services and products used with them, are indispensable for the consumer.

On the other hand, an honest and responsible work is the best presentation card, so try to make this the pillar of your business before your public.

If you are new to the business, keep your eyes open to learn every day about the business and grow productively. Be very patient, at first customers may delay, but if you remain persistent and committed, they will come sooner than you expect.