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Sound and Lighting Rental Store – Features and Tips

Start a Sound and Lighting Rental Store

If you are looking for a profitable business, have the sound and lighting equipment or can acquire them, you can use this material as the first input to set up your own rental business.

Certainly many of us are attracted to the idea of being able to start our own business that allows us to be our own boss and set our own hours, all this with the sweat of our brow and in pursuit of our own dreams. That’s why today we present you with a business idea that allows you this flexibility while making money.

Let’s see all you need to know to get started.

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First steps with sound and light rental

If you are definitely determined to start or continue your life project with this type of business, then do a market study that allows you to start defining who your customers will be and locate them, such as individuals or event businesses, companies, etc. Evaluate, also, your competition; businesses that offer this same service.

You may have to acquire larger spaces, so it may be necessary to look for a privileged space to increase the opportunities. Some points you can consider for this aspect, will be to be near city centers, near party stores and so on to gain the attention of passers-by.

How does a sound and light rental business work?

Although it is not a business that is talked about much, the truth is that it is one of the types of markets that are growing. The main reason is due to the diversity of events that take place at different times of the year for different reasons, so people look for this type of equipment to rent for a specific time when it is needed.

Thus, the entrepreneur has the sound and lighting equipment in a space where customers go to pick them up or they can be moved to the place where they are required. With the increase in demand, more equipment will be available that can even be rented simultaneously.

How much money should I invest?

Initially, you should consider the equipment, because it will be what you are going to start with, if you have to buy it or you have accounts with it and it is in the best condition. Another cost will include a space where you will store the equipment. It is possible to save on this space, because if you have a parking lot that you do not use, you can adapt it in your own home, even if you want to rent a place because you do not have where to keep them, it would be reduced. However, it is necessary to have a means of transport that allows you to move the equipment to the place where it will be used.

Do I need to hire staff?

If you have no knowledge about the maintenance or handling of this type of equipment and its operation in a more specific way, you need to investigate it and also have trained personnel to attend to your request at any time in case a problem occurs.

Evaluate very well the profile of the candidates to determine which of them you could work with, since it includes an important responsibility, not only for the displacement of the equipment, but because, you will have to evaluate the references in previous works, since it is required of honest and responsible personnel, that does not suppose a risk neither for the clients nor for your business.

Requirements to offer sound and lighting rental

Requirements to offer sound and lighting rental

Like any business, it is necessary to have a series of permits and licenses in order to start your business, within the parameters established by the authorities in charge of the market and its management within the place where you are located.

The legal procedures tend to vary depending on the area and region where you are located. Consult an advisor who will provide you with the necessary information about the documents you will need and thus, establish your own business legally without agreeing on future risks.

Your Business Needs 

You are not selling a product, but you are offering a service, so you must equip yourself with the elements you need. The structural area in terms of the service you are going to offer includes obtaining the purchase of equipment for sound and lighting, which we will later use to offer for rent or lease.

With the passage of time and your positioning in the market, you can acquire other types of items that are able to completely satisfy the needs of customers who come to your store, as this is an additional method for new income. These items can be: microphones, balloons for lighting, sound tables, LED light cannons, large screens and etc

How do I promote my business?

You can put an ad in the place where you store the equipment with contact means such as telephone, email and website. This last point is important, because as you do not have a reception site, passers-by will have the opportunity to take your details and contact you directly.

Appearing on the Internet allows customers to communicate with greater flexibility, and also allows you to be in constant contact with them in order to implement the needs they present. In the same way, it is necessary that in the flyers, advertisements, announcements and others, these same data are included.

Tips for offering sound and light rental

You have the possibility to create links and partnerships in order to be in contact with similar businesses in the market and thus increase business opportunities, since they will be party agencies that can hire your services of sound and lighting equipment occasionally.

It is very important that you make sure that you have technical staff for regular reviews of all the devices you work with, that these people are reliable and can come to your service when required. It is also advisable to establish liability agreements according to how the device is delivered (present conditions), this way you avoid having problems with customers in case of damage or failure.

Weaknesses: searching for customers in a field that, although little named, has a close competition, could be a slow process in which we should emphasize with the work of advertising and promoting the business. To do this you must take advantage of all means of disclosure. Be patient, customers may take time to arrive.

What we recommend is that in this initial stage, you focus on the people close to you, friends, family or acquaintances who require the service and who, to this same extent, can recommend your service. This is a channel that will allow you to gain experience.

Advantages: With this business you have the possibility of either adapting your home facilities or renting a small space to maintain the equipment, which is reflected in a significant saving of money.  Nor will you need to have a specific and/or strategic location to set up the business, since the essential thing is to safeguard the means with which you will work.

Look for quality equipment, which is under constant review for each service. Provide a friendly treatment to your customers with clear rates from the beginning.

Take advantage of a business idea like this, since few give entrepreneurs so much freedom in such a profitable sector that can be used for a wide variety of activities.

Start your business today.