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Household appliances white line repair – Performance and Advantages

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Start with the White Line Repair of Appliances 

Appliance repairs can save up to 80% of the money that would have to be spent if the appliance had to be replaced as new, which is why many people, before thinking about replacing it with a new one, think about having it repaired by a professional.

This is why a business like this has such a high return on investment, especially for customers who either want to save this money when buying a new one or are aware of what this would mean in terms of consumption and the environment.

If you are interested in this business idea, stay until the end to find out everything you need to get started.

Of technology you can have your business, look at everything here

First steps in white goods repair

This business idea will need a place of repair. You can open a place open to the public where your customers can take their appliances to have all the necessary procedures done. This will be in case they require more in-depth revisions or you need to keep them longer due to the complexity of the problem they have. However, in other cases, this service can be offered at home when it comes to larger appliances or where your clients consult your opinion about the problem.

According to the list of items, tools and instruments you need to offer the white goods repair service, make a quote to know the value of these, as well as the value of the rental or conditioning of the space, advertising and so on. This will allow you to have an approach to the necessary investment capital.

How does a white goods repair business work?

Before we go into the actual job description, let’s see what appliances comprise the white goods. Well, it’s called that because it focuses on appliances used in the cleaning line and the kitchen of the home. Given the amount of appliances that people have in their homes, starting a business in the area is a very profitable venture.

What are the white goods?

As we mentioned, they are mostly part of the use inside the home. Among them we include: the domestic stove, the oven, the washing machine, the dishwasher, the refrigerator, the freezer, the air extractor, the clothes dryer, the boiler, the air conditioner, the vacuum cleaner, irons, fryers, dryers, squeezers, depilators, blenders, coffee makers, the microwave, among some others.

What are the tasks of this service?

There are several activities that are performed in this type of business, so we recommend that, in the first instance, you get soaked in the reading of the manuals of the brands with which you are going to work, which is the step, our advice is that they are all. Among the tasks of white line repair of appliances are: repair of the motor, repair of the pump, change of resistors, change of stove, change of filters, change of hoses, renewal of internal wiring of the appliances, among others.

Start with the White Line Repair

Choose the type of your business 

There are several concepts we can focus on. These are: charge per visit, that is, per request of the client, charge per estimate, which includes a determined service fee within the budget, open an option for frequent clients with a different fee or offer payment by subscription, designed with a fixed fee for the service received.

White Goods Repair Requirements

You need to register your company, give it a name, have a place where you can take the appliances that need to be repaired in your company, have a vehicle to move, have the necessary tools, hire suitable personnel and have serious suppliers of spare parts.

Having the necessary knowledge for this process, as well as updating this information with the renewals of new appliances, is an extremely important aspect to offer a comprehensive service to the particular needs of your customers.

Where to locate my business?

Ideally, this type of business should be located in a residential area, preferably, where your customers are close and you become a reference point for them. Try to get away from the competition to gain ground with other customers to whom you offer your service.

How do I promote my business?

Although the physical establishment becomes an extremely important point, this is not enough. Therefore we recommend you to put advertising such as posters and flyers in areas near your business, places that are very busy and even distribute them in commercial areas