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Comic book creation – Getting Started Guide, Tips and Warnings

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Start with creating comics

Start a business of comic books made with own creation may be an idea to open a world of income opportunities as well as professional development. A significant number of creators who carry out this idea that recreates and allowed them to make money today.

If it is a activity that had always wanted to dedicate or passionate about the world of comics, this is the business idea you were looking for.

How to start? Here we tell you everything you need to know.

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How does a comic magazine work?

The idea of ​​this business is to be designed comic magazines that can be distributed and sold among the fans of the sector. In this way a brand is created from scratch with all that this implies.

To mount a comic magazine, it requires a well structured process that has a prior plan that explains the creation of comics and magazine publishing.

Requirements to launch a comic magazine

The first thing you need to start making a magazine how are you, is to have the skills for drawing, writing and editing. Not only is able to draw pictures and write a story, which is already quite complex, but also design skills to achieve an image that catches attention. It should include the design of a logo and the magazine in general.

Take care of business and copyrights. Should establish guidelines for cost, you earn money and work rights created with professionals who are hired at this stage for the entire process of design and assembly of magazine content. You should also know that comics and characters that exist and are licensed and copyrighted, so you can not copy or make money with them. The characters and the magazine must be self-created.

How to start my own comic magazine

How to start my own comic magazine?

The first is to develop a business plan for creating comics and make own magazine publishing, should make clear the cost of the local inputs and equipment needed to start this business. To start creating, you start with ideas that can leave setting in a notebook that is carried hand.

All design idea starts with a script that does not need to be smart and very tidy, any text editor can be used but editors recommend Scrivener. should also contact designers who are already on the market making alliances to have a greater understanding of the comics industry.

Who are my readers?

Create a profile of potential readers and buyers comic magazine. Collect some demographics of potential stakeholders, which are classified according to sex, age, income, education, race, profession, among others. In this way it may also determine who would buy the publication. In addition, its location will allow us to know where to place the product.

Prepare sufficient material to complete the magazine. Make a list of specific titles for each time you plan to publish it, to see if the idea is viable.

How to write a script?

It is certainly the most complex aspect of the process, as it requires knowledge on the subject. The first is that you must know the gender, raise an idea and start developing it. Must be told in general terms, ie, write the beginning, what happens in the middle of the narrative and the end.

Remember, understand the goals and challenges of the main character. In every story there is always a protagonist on which it is built and developed throughout history. Creates a believable setting. All scripts are written in the present tense, you have to write them so that for the artist, is as fluid and dynamic as possible.

Using software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher can create a storyboard. With these programs, you can help make a sketch of the bases of the comic in a linear manner. Drawing characters as imagines freehand and then using the program for improvement.

Print magazine

Consultation with the printers in your area the costs of this process according to the number of pages, materials and other data base. In this regard, you should choose the one that provides the best conditions, do not be put off by the price. Determines whether to print on demand through orders or sell looking package with stakeholders and on newsstands.

How to set the price of my magazine comic?

They should look at the prices that are currently available in stores, not counting collectibles and special editions. Although want to place a price on the comic enough to recoup the costs of the investment, you have to balance the idea of ​​a sale that allows multiple clients to attract and build an audience that buy repeatedly.

How to promote my magazine?

If you do not have an own sales space, placing flyers recommended in cafes, bookstores, shops skateboards and other items for young people, where they can find potential customers. In addition you can create a website where samples are placed scanned the pages of comics that readers can see and read for free. Do not forget social networks to approach your target audience.

Weak points: at first hardly they are to profit with the magazine. So, you must have a backup capital until it begins to distribute and sell it. Internet competition is a fact, even the traditional comic still has an advantage in the physical world. Since, on an iPad or a computer screen format is always the same.

It is precisely this digital age which could increase demand for comic magazine in its online format than physical. So it is advisable to consider this option from the start and confirm when you do your market research.

Points in favor: It is a business idea that you can implement your own skills, take on a topic that fascinates you with all the advantages it has, then start a project like is us one of the most important requirements for running a business to success .

In addition, you do not need a physical location to put it on sale, because you can take advantage of all available sales channels. All this makes a big difference for the entrepreneur, who becomes his own boss.

Do you carry much planning this business idea? It is time to implement it. there is no excuse to keep putting off your dream of launching a comic magazine, begins today.

Advantages of having a comic magazine

Requirements to start a comic magazine

Opening a comic book store, is one of the main requirements, selecting a place to offer the product, a local in a commercial or local center overlooking the street at the busiest places of the city or region, which they are ideal to start in a good way in this business model.

Another requirement is then acquire shelves where to display and offer different amount of comics that claim hundreds of enthusiasts in this product.

To work formally at a local must have a commercial name and correct record of the business and can make these personal errands, although many prefer hiring a legal specialist to conduct the diligence of the commercial registry to manage without errors.

Advantages of having a comic magazine

Once the business, a variety of enthusiastic customers of comics, which gives the opportunity to the investor to establish a customer base, in addition to handling the product for years, that can give you access numbers comics who become famous, obtaining values ​​collection that can become very high depending on the quality of material with the comic, because among older you get and the better state, greater value will have the same collector.

Another advantage of this business is that it allows contact with a large section dedicated, such as anime events, events comics that can become very large, attracting fans and fans of the comics in one place, managing to connect the business and generating good sales.

Tips for Starting a comic magazine

Publicize the business through social networks and other tools that have the internet today, this way you can capture hundreds of potential customers even before reaching the premises.

In addition you can mount an online store and manage at the same time as the business caters physical, is likely to generate more sales by Internet in physical.

It is also advisable to have numbers of interesting comics, because there is a very wide range and can be a fan of comics to address this business. Having the opportunity to share the passion and the value of this trade, providing a quality relationship and interaction with fans customers.

Problems that may arise in the process

At the beginning it can be difficult to build a customer base for this business model, which may represent direct costs of the pocket of the entrepreneur to keep up the business on payments of services. At least the first 6 months most likely have to fund certain items, to sustain the business until it starts to get an acceptable amount of customers that allows boost business.

Since, it is a unique product, you will be closing the doors to enthusiasts of acquiring literary works or books with university knowledge, which can be a disadvantage when it comes to valuing diversity of readers clients are available for grasp on the market.

Success stories

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