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Set up your image consultant business – Requirements, Tips and Steps

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How to start a business image consultant?

If you have skills image, you like the world of life and can create good relationships with people, then build your own business as an image consultant can be profitable business idea you’re looking for accounts with initial skills needed to start, the rest will be part of the process.

Undoubtedly, to work as a consultant fashion, beauty and style, it is the dream of many people. Today it is possible to open a business, because the value is incalculable and take time to do what you really passionate about. Actually, buy clothes and help others to look better can be a great business for which you do not need money to start it.

We want you to know the best business without investment

The business image consultant are very profitable and require little or no investment. It is well known that beauty business have always been known for being very profitable business that leave much money to their owners. So this may be time to open your own business, be your own boss and make money doing what you like.

That is why today we tell you everything you need to know about this business idea from how it works to key tips for your enterprise. Stay until the end and enjoy all the information you need to take the first step.

Let us begin!

Running a business as Image Consultant

An image consultant does more than just tell you what clothes will fit better and what are the ideal colors for you, through counseling is helped a person to project the best of her and build her confidence to gain position, I improve their job position or to feel good about herself.

According to the needs of each client, your work as image consultant should be geared in particular, offering specific services required in the process. Among them are:

Makeup and hair advice

This type of service, as its title says, is aimed at proposing haircuts and styles of beard and / or mustache for men. Includes, for those interested, there is also the option of taking courses makeup. The image consultant proposed the best ideas and styles that best go with the personality and style of each client. This, after a process of investigation and analysis before considering what best fits your and style, comfortable with what feels better, though I never would have thought.

Wardrobe advice

An image consultant should assess what clothes you favor an individual according to their personality, measurements and body type. You can also hire for a special event like a wedding, an important celebration, and even guide you to the best clothes for daily depending on the activity carried out.

Service Color Study

This service is to offer customers an analysis according to the tones, fabrics and patterns that go best with your profile, the most appropriate and which definitely should be avoided.

Wardrobe analysis service

This is one of the services that best takes time and that means a lot to a person, since opening her closet, is directly entering their privacy, observe the clothes that often uses his palette, among other things reflecting decisions and experiences of the person. In this process the image consultant helps organize and classify the existing wardrobe to create new combinations and take advantage of outfits that already have the maximum.

What other services can be considered? Start your business as an image consultant provides a wide variety of alternatives arising from that activity, it found other three included and very important:

job coaching: this service is to provide the necessary tools to achieve an image of a professional nature through social skills and personalized advice according to labor activities performed.

Personal shopper:They are experts who advise and counsel a client at the point of sale to make smart purchases that suit your budget, physical characteristics, occupation and objectives. This activity can be done in two ways: to accompany the buyer to choose their new wardrobe directly in stores or, for lack of time to shop for him.

For whom do you work? Start with family and friends, even with boutiques, clothing stores, hotels and travel agencies, serving tourists and foreign visitors.

The success of this profession and its growing market are causing it to expand to other areas such as the selection of gifts, decorative items, furniture for home and office, antiques, art, etc. There are even personal shopper on line, which locate special products in the shopping portals available on Internet sales around the world.

Corporate image consultant:This is another variation of the work of the image consultant. This service is primarily aimed at executives or public persons, besides the dress and grooming staff should handle aspects of body language, leadership, strategic thinking, executive etiquette and voice modulation, among others.

In general, these services are focused on professionals who need these tools to excel in the workplace and companies wishing to take care of their corporate profile against the media or promoting their brand value. Also the image consultant can provide the sales team of an organization to improve their techniques of persuasion, attention to the client and effective presentations.

And finally, we can not stop the other hand segment including politicians, who seek advice for their political campaigns to create a positive appearance and high impact on citizenship.

start a business image consultant

Requirements to start a business image consultant

Now, let’s see what requirements you need to meet to start your business are:

Material and Resources:In this section we include a number of elements that will be important and will serve as inspiration for profiling and styles according to the particular characteristics of each of your customers. Among this material we can find equipment, fashion magazines or subscriptions to digital or physical journals, research by industry, color swatches, mirrors, makeup and other expenseswhat It will be necessary to solve.

Maintain a network of contacts: This is extremely important, especially since it will not only be included prospective customers, but also related companies as consultants example weddings, chiefs of staff, etc, who might need your services and vice versa, which will create alliances commercial where both sides win.

Invest in technology:now have technological tools quality has become a necessity, especially in the field of entrepreneurship where people should be at the both the digital world and leverage this field is so close to your prospects. Therefore, it is important to invest in a software virtual beauty, this will provide many options and possibilities that will increase the efficiency and quality of your service as image consultant.

Courses and more: in a business like this is a fundamental requirement to be at the top of what is happening in the world of fashion, so we recommend taking courses and training in different media such as online classes, where you can also gain knowledge, have your certification process, which you can increase your references.

Tips for your business image consultant

Start the business image consultant

To start, planning is a section that can not be overlooked, so we have organized this process step. Let’s see:

Define your industry:the first thing you do is to identify the type of customers that you’re going to focus, then accordingly begin creating our strategies and techniques to get their attention. Choose from individuals or even between corporate entities.

Market study:defined above, it is time to analyze the needs of our target audience can identify trends and to provide an efficient solution to what they need. In addition to this, we learn other important information such as your preferences and interests, places where we can find them easily and the actual operation of a service like this.

Business plan:developing and writing this document is a process that can not miss. Will place him in detail the activity of our business, potential financing needs for mobility, especially the strategies we use, the way we disclose our business and what we need to launch. As our business grows, we may need to make adjustments in relation to the offers and services of our business, as well as changes in strategies to reach more customers.

Remember that in this step, you must also decide what the initial services that you are offering, which, as discussed above, are several.

Set your schedule:according to your availability, it’s time to organize your time and determine the times when you can offer your service. You can even consider working from home, since this business also allows this mode. While your times, largely will depend on the needs of your customers, you should have a schedule based on which you can define availability.

Legalizes your business:it is time to obtain the necessary licenses, registering your business and acquiring the necessary certificates. All such procedures are necessary in consolidating our business customers to ensure the legitimacy of the activity and simultaneously meet the requirements referred the government agency in your city.

Boost your business:after this, came the most anticipated moment, the launch of your activity. To do this you can start with several advertising methods, including hand delivery card hand presentation to your potential customers, a website with social networks by sending emails to companies where customers might have, among others.

The most important thing is that since the launch of your business, you remain on both numbers and contact channels you posted for communication with your customers, as this will allow you to offer quick and immediate answers.

Tips for your business image consultant

Here you will find a number of key tips to apply at any time during the process:

Your service requires detailed planning to bring about change and accommodate the style of your customers, so it is very important that your personality is very careful not to hurt feelings, without thereby stop being totally honest.

Trust your knowledge and skills to offer this service image consulting, because it depends on the quality of your business so your customers will feel safe and confident in what you know.

A good way to advertise your business is by placing ads with coupons in various publications in the area where you are or in newspapers or media communication frequently visiting customers.

No doubt the experience will allow you to gradually improving the course and running your business, so we recommend trying different categories according to your customers, for example by testing the business world and its needs, fashion, industry advertising, professionals, etc. This will help you expand your vision and create for each client.

Take advantage of the resources you can access for free, especially courses and materials that you find online. All this information will help to raise your study collection.

Weak points:It is a business idea that, in operation, requires much time, so you will need as you have good weather. This, considering that not only the time it takes the choice of clothing to use your customers but previously the study and analysis of its particular image, test combinations, colors, styles and other aspects tested to determine a range of colors and features that will serve you according to your needs.

Points in favor:You have a wide variety of customers you can offer your service, because if it does not work one can easily run your business to other fields where surely find potential customers. Remember that list have from executives to politicians, people working in television, housewives, professionals in various fields, job applicants, contestants programs, among many others.

Success stories of your business image consultant

Today we can find many entrepreneurs who have started in this sector and, throughout your experience, have managed to consolidate its portfolio of services, a particular operation strategies and techniques that allow them to stand out in the market. Among them are JordanCo, a professional who has a website full page useful information throughout the image field, between the elements of its contents include tips for what to agree on each occasion, the latest trends and colors as well as Personal Shopper services, makeup and hairstyles, creating personal and more style.

Another successful business is to Alejandra Bahamón, a professional of the sector on its website offers a variety of services, among which are the Personal Shopper, conceptualizing image renewal look, process automaquillaje, personal styling, image consulting in general, among others.

Commitment and discipline, should be part of your equipment to start a business like this, where through personal image, you will give each of your customers the ability to renew itself, not only in their physical appearance, but in its Interior and the world around him. You find out many people needing your service.

So what do you expect to start now your image consulting business?