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Business of mystery shopping, service companies

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Assess the Quality of Competition Services

This type of business basically consists of providing a service to enterprises so that, through our management, the quality of products or services from the jurisdiction of that company that hires you can be assessed. Mysterious customers are made to pass through as a common client and examine everything about the competition to create a detailed report. It is one of the most required services because of the high level of growth companies and emerging businesses. The best of this business is that it requires no investment and also allows you to fast-growing  soon you begin hiring to be responsible for providing this service to more and more companies, so yourself can manage it all. How to start? Let’s see:

Prepares basics

Remember that it’s a process of investigation and we will be reporting about the company we are evaluating, so it will be necessary to create a format of reports with key and detailed information on the process. You must also have bases in preparation for the formulation of the report, so I recommend you start using all the free resources you can find on internet pages, books, magazines and others.

Choose your public

The goal is to choose the initial companies to which we want to offer our service of mystery shopping or mystery shopper. You can select the business according to the market sector in which they are located and your preferences, such as beauty products, articles from exercise, healthy food, and so on.  You can also choose them according to the area in which are living and in this sense their competence to facilitate the displacement, or choose according to products and services.  

Aim your staff

in principle, we mentioned that it is a business that we can start on an individual basis, however, if you want to create a company focused on this service, you will need to hire people that you can train to provide customer service. mysterious, in fact, being a business that requires no experience, you will have several people interested.