Business of producing and selling of pants for women without workshop



Create your Brand in the Textile Sector

One of the most common dreams of lovers of fashion and textiles, is one day having his own brand on the market with own designs into a profitable business. The truth is that this idea is not as far away as it seems, but close, and today is an idea of profitable business that you should keep in mind. This idea is designed so that an entrepreneur with a capital of 200 to 800 USD can start it, so for the moment, we will not open our own workshop clothing but then, with the growth of the business, we recommend you to do it.

Let’s see what we need to get started:

Legal building up  of the business

Name: Many people choose to leave the name of the owner as mark, others add a different concept, but the key is to mark the difference with a name that is short and easy to remember that it is in the mind of the client.  

Registration name: Once you are sure of the name, you’ll have to register it on the trade entity responsible for this in your city, in addition to do the legal documentation so it must be established. Remember that these procedures vary depending on the city and country.

Image: The logo is one of the most important parts because it will be the representative of the brand image and from that customers will recognize you. This must be creative and innovative.

Establishes a concept of the pants

You need to create a different and original design that allows you to differentiate yourself from market in pants for women, to do so, keep the following points in mind:

-Personal taste

-Demand styles

-Offer existing styles

-Analyzes the market and what it is offering to show something new to the public.  -Acquires fabrics and production supplies

If you don’t have knowledge in this field, the best will take into account the advice of a dressmaker of the workshop (we will see later) about the type of fabric that we buy and the general inputs that we need.

You may need: fabrics for trousers, buttons, zippers, accessories, labels, threads. Remember that material quantity depends on the amount of items that you want to develop, this should be inquired with the dressmaker.

Shop Contact

Performs a search of nearby workshops assessing the capacity of production, quality and delivery times, that can advise you in the process. This because if continuing operation, we will create a long-term relationship. You are looking for a shop that has the ability to make prints, embroidery, or other services that you want to add to your garments.

With this done, we must speak with the person in charge to explain our project and the number of garments that we wish to make. You must add any specification of production, sample and display, so that all are as you want.


Promote  final product

You should look for businesses that are interested in selling the product you offer, can be clothing stores in general, stores or pants retailers, physical stores, online shops, and so on. The key is that these merchants offer products similar to yours and to go towards the same target audience, lets said the public who will used pants for women.

Launch and promotion

It is time to announce a larger scale, using the methods of traditional and digital advertising. For them we can design and print ads and posters for businesses that may be interested in buying and selling our product with contact numbers so that they are in their establishments, as well as promote the product through our own web site (page, network social, and so on), where we sell the wholesale garments  to other businesses.

Obstacles that may appear: With a good market segmentation we have clear where our product is going and which consumer target we must get  otherwise our garments could not sell. So we need our own workshop when the orders start to grow, thus avoiding to look bad in the production and have a workshop that only work for us.

Final recommendation: In addition to the opening of our own workshop, we also recommend opening a shop or a place for the sale of these unique and original products so that your customers can find them more easily, although in beginning may represent one major expense to the invested (what will be then), is a great way to sell your product and get rid of commissions to third parties. Remember that this can make it more later when the sale increase substantially and conditions permit you.

Do you have a planned design?, it is time then to try how well this design will do and how you can offer it to the public. Do not stand idly when outside there may be many people who are waiting for your product.

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