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How to open a school  dance or dance at home (or local)

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How to Open a School Dance

Start a school dance, is a good idea that can be turned into an extraordinary business opportunity. Obviously, it is essential to have strong organizational skills, including a strong passion for this world art. In this way you can get excellent results in a short time. Let’s look at what you need to start with the opening of your school of dance at home (or in another place, if you prefer).

Steps to open a school of dance

Study and analysis of the market

At first you should study market share to which you want to address and their respective conditions: the type of customers that we and the territory you want to work with, especially trying to understand which types of activities of dancing preferences are in the area in which we are located, and what is needed, also study the competition and identified strategic points to open a dance school at home.

Development of a business plan

Writing a business plan that will allow you to do a thorough analysis of costs and revenues in the activity, should be one of the priorities of all businesses arising from the public, a requirement and a priority  must performed at the beginning of the business, because it is vital to do so at this stage of planning and previous organization.

Through this plan, you’ll have more clear how many funds will be needed to start the business: rental costs, advertising costs, not to mention wages of the teacher, secretary and accountant. Add to this other costs such as: conditioning of space (special to dance synthetic floor laying), mirrors of full body walls, exercise mats and material for general fitness, sound equipment, garments and dresses of dance.  Don’t forget to ask our objectives in the medium and long term. If you consider that as a dance teacher or instructor you are not able enough to give the dance classes then, you can get the help of a professional or a friend dealing with these things initially while looking forward to experience, then it will be getting  more simple.

Organization and schedules

According to the public that you have and to the extent that will be added, we recommend performing an organization and distribution of them starting from the genres of dance that interests them to learn and practice, and the ages. For example, you can categorize people from 18 to 35 years for salsa dancing, children for ballet, and so on.

Courses and prices suggested

Rates that in a dance school can be applied, depends on the courses that are open and the intensity. Two hours per week can cost 40 to 60 euros per month; one gets to €70 in the case of a course with 3 classes per week. Individual classes may have a cost of around 20 to 30 euros per hour.

What genres should be taught?

At the beginning of this type of activity, it is desirable to focus on the most fashionable dance, to appeal to a broader clientele and then offer genres of dance more individuals and less demanded  to offer the possibility of taking part to the other type of the public.

Kids usually want to learn: modern dance, Hip Hop and Jazz. Older people love the Latin American dances, while elders are related to dances lounge and Waltz. Usually the schedules hours to operate a dance school are in the evening hours, maybe at night and on weekends during the morning hours. In some cases, courses are offered in the morning, in order to increase customers and offer more variety of timetables to your audience if they do not conform to the initially established.

Evaluate the competition

It is a good idea to check the type of population in the territory and assess the presence of other schools, trying to figure out what kind of competition is that we will have to fight. If you’ve chosen a common place where there are many dance schools, what you should do is to carefully evaluate your organization’s areas  dedicated to so that, it could be much easier to win the battle. However, if your plan is to open the dance school at home, then it is likely that competition decreases, but then you will have to work very hard to meet the demand and to attract the public.

Promote the dance school

Good publicity is the right solution to combat all the competitors and attract a large number of dancers interested in learning and follow any class in particular. The best methods are the traditional ones: posters, flyers, advertisements. However, do not leave aside the digital side advertising on social networks and web sites.  It can also be interesting to start a promotion campaign with discounts and offers, which will attract many customers. Another interesting way to promote the dance school  is presenting dance rehearsals as tests, so renting a theatre where dancers can do it is a very good choice.

Possible disadvantages: Constantly people who are interested in entering a dance school, regardless of age, are more likely to leave more quickly from the school. This is due to different causes and situations that lead to abandoning the idea of continuing his training in any of the genres of dance. Also keep in mind not to overdo with the prices that you apply to your customers, for it is likely that at the beginning you should download them to attract the attention of more customers more.

Keys: According to the previous possible drawbacks, an alternative that you could have is to work  in the loyalty of clients by way of motivation and energy that you can offer them if they are discouraged in classes or this situation would araised. Moreover, people who have not danced never can feel motivated if you contribute to their motivation to not be expired and they continue attending.

Remember that the perseverance and commitment are the main ingredients, which you should have ready if you want to open a dance school at home or in a place, and that it becomes a productive and profitable business.