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How to Open an Antique Shop

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Opening an Antique shop

At today I will highlight some tips on how to open an antique shop, which can be a great business opportunity, but some people don’t take it so seriously! The truth is that antiques are highly valued and as older is the product, greater is the demand for the product, and therefore price, then an antique shop may be a cool place to have these products and satisfy a very specific clientele. Anyway, here you will see step-by-step how to build an antique shop, ranging from the choice of the site, products to sell, among other ideas.

The Antique Market

Old products by incredible market that may seem, have to be  of a very high quality and the prices of these items sometimes are even superior to new products, then open an antique shop may be a good start for carry out, but is not always the way in which things happen. I say this because the competition in this field is very low and even if a lot of people goes in search of brand products, it is very difficult to find unique shops that work with products of antiquity, so mean while you open your store, you must not only sell in their city, but also in several nearby cities, even on the internet.

An antique shop customers will usually be people who appreciate old products, decorators, interior designers, collectors or people even as you and I, who just want to buy a piece to decorate the House itself. It is very common to find antiques in guesthouses and hotels, so these may be other customers who could buy from your store. The truth is that with the trend of using old products today (vintage), this market has grown considerably and good results can be obtained if you really focus on the area.

Location and Structure of an Antique Shop

Would you like to know how to open an antique shop? The place where will be installed is crucial to your business so you must have a visible place that will give greater identity for its establishment. In any case, opt for sites that already have a good flow of people movement, close to the shopping centre, next to the furniture stores and streets of the city or near places where people usually go to buy Cookware home, but must emphasize that an antique shop does not sit well in malls and we must be aware of this detail.

In terms of interior space, all  should be an area of products exhibition, also it can be a concierge service, a bathroom and if possible to have a small stock where they will be some products that need a bit of touch-up or have many for sale. Try to decorate the atmosphere in a rustic style and preferably to give greater visibility to antiques.

Products to sell in your antique shop

If you want to succeed in this business, you need to really find old items to put on sale in his shop. Anyway, here are some examples of products that can be sold in their antiques store:

-Paintings and picture frames.


-Bowls, teapots, bowls.

-Products in porcelain.


-Antique chairs.

-Decorative items.

-Glasses and cutlery.



-Antique radios and various other articles.

Of course, there is a great diversity of ancient things that can be sold and you will have to search enough to be able to find people who have these items and are ready to sell, also you can import the old products from other countries.