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How to sell items on marketplace and earn money

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How to sell ítems on Marketplace and Earn Money

E-commerce Business

The marketplace, also known as electronic shopping malls, are a great tool to start selling over the Internet, this is being an activity trend in the market that grows day by day. The business opportunity offering, is able for providing many advantages and benefits, however, get involved planned and orderly process will allow us to reach it. One of the main advantages that we should highlight of this option, is that we should not worry for potential customers, since the same platform is responsible for bring them to site so that you can devote yourself to improve your posts and retain your clients.

To achieve this, it will be necessary that you comply  the following steps, lets see:

A business in Marketplace

Business activity refers to our participation in e-commerce, but unlike other models, we sell a product or article, using a platform created for this purpose that is not ours. In this sense we can be talking about a marketplace in social networks or platforms such as: Rakuten, Amazon, free market and eBay, among others. These platforms allow you to create an “own” store that operates within the same but have the ability to customize according to your business.

Defines the Product to Sell

If you are a manufacturer, you can sell the products which you elaborate, from handicrafts, textiles, technological items, among others. However, manufacturer is not requirement to sell in a marketplace, since can also sell second hand objects that we don’t use or buy at the wholesale for sale to the retail, so on these platforms, the possibilities are many.

Choose the marketplace in which you will operate

There are many marketplace platforms that do not work in all countries, so it will be convenient to search and then to choose one operating in your country. Then choose the platform that best suits what you want to sell and find out which plans offers you to start. There are platforms specialized in second hand items, for example, while in others they can sell both new and used objects. Therefore,  have all the necessary information, based on the tools and functions that you offer and that you can access, such as:

-Payment plans

-Free plans

– Customizable store

– Time of ads

– Tools for sale

– Publication requirements

Know the platform

Once you know all the characteristics of operation that has the platform, and of course, after having chosen, it is necessary to start to navigate through it to know how it works, the process of publication of articles, communication with potential buyers and sale management.

Start to Post

All work focuses here, and certainly it is the most important, since we started to market  products, so please note the following:

-Photos: It starts with simple photos but in which you can see easily what is the product. You have the ability to add multiple photos, take advantage of this space to highlight the qualities of the product images, put photos from different angles and views of taking much of the details. The Fund must be neutral and with very good lighting, and it should focus only be the product.

-Title: The fewer words you use, the better. You try to place a simple text that get the attention of the customer but that is clear and concrete in what is offered. -Description: We will explain the characteristics of the article, measures, weights, qualities, use, and so on. It should also be a brief text, but in which we detail information regarding the garment. Be sincere and clear in every aspect.

-Price: You should avoid to overdo with the price, trying to put a fair price on the item taking into account if it is new or used and the price they receive in the general market.

Possible obstacles: Since it is a space where everybody places goods, there will be more people selling similar or even the same, this generates  a significant level of competitors in the marketplace, which could be a real problem if we don’t know how to differentiate us from the competition and attract customers.

Tips: Then, how to differentiate ourselves in a marketplace? We actually have more options than we think. The first thing is to be clear and sincere with what we sell, specify all the characteristics of the product. Avoid the price war by selling more than you can afford and not to have earnings. Try to offer added value to the customer, lower the price per season, offer other items, free shipping, and so on,  all of this can help customers that you prefer, especially on a platform where few or none of the changes can be make to publications in terms of customization.

Last, but not least, don’t limit yourself to what the marketplace offers. In e-commerce should be all the time at the forefront with the customers, therefore it is not enough to sell there, but find more options to attract them, for example, creating pages on social networks and starting to connect to customers, good idea, doesn’t it? And you, what are you waiting for to start? Your customers are waiting.