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How to set up a translation agency without initial investment

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Create  a translation agency

If you have perfectly mastered another language other than the native, a translation agency may be the idea of profitable business you’re looking for, because in addition to being a business trend and profitable, is a space where you can go perfectly with the bases necessary to do so. Currently, commercial, social, educational and other, relations are subject to international connections, so communication is the basis of the execution of these ties. But, what happens when a company, business or individual does not know the language for an important business or any other need? Easily you can do it, so it is there where your participation as a translation agency, offer the solution. How can you start?, what you must keep in mind in the process?, check the following points:

Approach sector

You can devote yourself to companies or businesses online as a physical business. We recommend to start with online businesses, since they are mainly those who have greater proximity to international business due to purchases by internet, not to mention that you can work from home, however, physical enterprises are also one excellent choice if you don’t have a problem with the shift. Don’t forget companies wish to open their businesses on another countries.

Develop your Business Plan

As it have been said  it’s a business without initial investment and clearly so, but nonetheless you should not put aside the business plan, which will allow you to properly direct our operations. This business plan must have the following:

Name of business: A fundamental step is to know how we are going to call our business, it could be your own name. What I recommend is to create a name that is short and easy to remember, but at the same time creative and ingenious so that it could be in the minds of your potential customers.

-Objectives: It raises what are your objectives in the short, medium and long term in the activity that you focus, in this case, the translation agency. It can be for example, a project to have translators who work for you, get to work with specific company or business number.

-Licensing: As any business, it is necessary that you have the necessary documents, this will give the trust to the companies to work with you, especially physical enterprises that are possibly going to require this type of document.

Orientation of the business: Start by a section of the public for directing your business, gain experience and information. Define what type of industries are going to go to begin with.

Staff: While you get to know your work, possibly start only you in business, but if you’re planning to expand the activity and then more people could work for you, then it is necessary to hire quality personnel performing these tasks. Remember to perform tests and analysis to stay with quality employees.

-Promotion: Once you are ready to launch your business, is time for you to know initially use of technological means to launch advertising campaign, because you won’t have to invest anything more than time and creativity. Entering business forums, participate in employment platforms, send proposals and keep you abreast.

Nobody said that it would be easy to do so that is why we want to tell you about one of the main obstacles:

Make yourself known. Many people are aware of the importance of knowing English and the great asset that is at present, so it is possible that the level of competition could be high. It is important to have patience in the beginning, since the stage of knowledge to the public is one of the most difficult and that you can start one after the other, your promotion strategies.  

We recommend that  while you keep storing customers, not only let them know your positive experiences through a web portal and social networking, but also  seek the way of retaining them for frequent earnings, thus also they can recommend you and your customer network will grow.