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How to Start a Domestic Cleaning Company Business

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Comprehensive Cleaning Business

Cleaning is one of the most requested labor activities in different areas of the sector, starting from private houses to shopping malls, public entities and important companies. This is a growing need, if we bear in mind, also, that sometimes daily occupations can be cut us time while we can deal with everything you need our home.

A solution for this are the cleaning business and domestic companies, which we will discuss today. If you want to know how to begin to mount this type of company, it will be necessary that you read what we have for you.

Business Activity

The business will be hiring personnel who handle directly maid service to our clients, who may be: individuals, people with business, businesses, public entities, special zones, and so on. For this purpose a place where serving customers won’t be necessary, however, it will be convenient to have a sort of store to keep products and supplies for professional cleaning.

Service definition

As cleaning company you have the possibility of offering a variety of services that will be according to the needs of who should hire you, because depending on that you may need certain specific tasks, so lets see:

Housekeeping: the cleaning of floors, walls, windows, kitchen, clothing, bathrooms, powder, ironing of clothes, household linen change, external areas, among others.

Cleaning business: the cleaning of floors, walls, windows, glasses, desks, bathrooms, ceilings, offices, stairs, elevators, restaurants, kitchens of companies, external areas, auditoriums, public areas, among others.

Legal building

It is very important matter, because we will have staff and will make contacts with business for the service, having a series of legal documents that allow us to start our business, this with the record company. These procedures vary depending on the city and the laws, so you will have to find out in your area how does this organization work  and what you need.

Location and tools

As we mentioned, is not necessary a place open to the public, but you will need an area where you can store all the inputs, products and equipment necessary for domestic cleaning service. This option would save you the costs of renting or purchase of premises in particular, allowing to use a room you have at home or anywhere as a store regardless of their location.


The tools you’ll need are: industrial equipment cleaning, toiletries, chemicals as disinfectants, cleaners, sealers, polishes soil, clothing for the staff, shuttle service for the personnel and equipment.

Staff Selection

To build up your staff, you can make calls in the area in which you are or over the internet (social networks work well for this), so that you can have multiple contacts to provide the service to your customers just as needed. To select them, it is important to make sure halt contact references and evaluate in which fields they have  knowledge based on services that you defined offering.

Promotion of the service

Business and domestic cleaning is one of the most necessary services in any field in particular, you can offer your business with various tools of campaign advertising, taking a much broader range.

Traditional: Print flyers and business cards that you can bring to businesses, or individuals who do not have much spare time, other business, and so on.

Digital: Creates a web site and presence on social networks to use these media to promote your business in the network, this way you can segment your potential customers and reach to be visible to the target customers.

Problems that can occur: One of the most common reasons why many people, especially in the case of households, refrain from hiring a cleaning staff is by the frequency of criminal acts, so what you must expose regarding your business, is that it is an agency and that you have insurance.

Final recommendation: There are many ways to retain customers in a field where there is so much competition, however, the most valuable of these is the trust in you and your staff achieve so to build this trust  and security,  will open you the doors to many more customers.