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Making and Selling Packages of Accessories and Beauty Products

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Beauty and personal care business

Today as we all want to see us good, smell good and feel good, and much of this is possible because of the products and beauty accessories vanity installed as one of the most important items of personal care for both men as for women. Based on this need, today we will talk about a profitable business in relation to this sector. The possibilities offered by this type of business are certainly very spacious, so let’s see how we can start a business making and selling packages of accessories and beauty products step by step.

Products to sell on packages

The beauty industry offers us different sectors in which we can participate, allowing the creation of packages of different formats, sizes and items to be much more varied and therefore more attractive to the customer. Products for body care: body moisturizers, Bath gels, body lotions, products for shaving, firming, body scrubs, body oils, and so on.

Makeup: Shadows, mascaras, lipsticks, moisturizers for lipsticks, pencils for the eyes, pencils for eyebrows, pencils for lips, make-up bases, proofreaders based, powders, blushes, Illuminators, suntan lotions, contour marking products, sealants from makeup, prebases, etc.  

Make up Elements: applicators of shade, base, paint shadows, eyelashes curls, applicators, sponges for applying make-up, and so on.  

Hair accessories: bands for hair, scarves, hair clips, articles for hairstyles, combs, brushes, and so forth.  

Hair products: shampoos, creams to fight, conditioner for hair, hair masks, split ends sealants, dyes, oil for hair, locking, among others.

Face care products: creams, Scrubs for the face, oils, moisturizers, cleansing products, eye cream, soaps for face, cleansing wipes, products for sun exposure, masks, and so on.

Others: Enamels nail, hairdressing supplies, small mirrors and accessories such as earrings, bracelets and rings, small appliances: dryers, hair irons, hair clips, exfoliating brushes, razors, male hair gel, and so forth.

How to start this beauty business?

First you should be getting in touch with a supplier of products and beauty accessories in which we are interested to build packages and put them on sale. After a quote and purchase of these, we will create packages of accessories with different products to put them on sale. These products can be offered both a web site and with a physical product catalog that you can distribute near your home or the area in which you plan to work. Let’s see  step by step:

Identify your target customer

Essentially those who buy more of such articles are women between 19 and 25 years of age, however it is known that the majority of women who do not fit into these ages also use this type of articles, however, concern search and purchase are not so frequent. You may not set aside male public, so it is also  a good idea to create accessories packages exclusively for them.

Contact your suppliers

Search industry suppliers that are recognized and have experience in the market. In addition, it assesses other features like:

-Deliver Capacity

– Distance from your home

– Delivery times

– Types of products offered

In the subject of cost, it is necessary that these are calculated to the wholesale to assemble packages for prices and sizes. Ideally, you should contact at least two suppliers to achieve the including of more varied products to the packages catalog and also avoid providers without stock.

Where your investment is directed

You should take into account  the following aspects that you identify where is the investment in this kind of business and see what you need in material to start:

-Purchase of products

-Material packaging for packaging and Assembly of packages (Boxes, bags of cloth, and so on)

– Package shipping costs to customers

– Business promotion

How to promote the sale

As we mentioned, the sales and general business activity can work both through digital tools (Websites), and as selling from home, where we will need to focus on traditional advertising through flyers and notices to inform our business. However, keep in mind that the combination of both channels can be a very profitable output.

Problems that may occur: When it comes to the sale of different products in each pack, it is highly necessary that we organize our capital money  for the purchase of various items that allow us to create varied, interesting and attractive packages.

Final recommendation: The more varied and creative are beauty packages, better. Attempts to create packages with varied products or to go for a type of accessories in particular, thus allow that your customers, if it is what you seek, acquire it. Create packages of different values depending on the price of items, certainly  your customers will love it.