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Offer Makeup Door-to-Door Service in a Professional Manner

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Beauty Business

Makeup service is a type of business that is not only needed for special occasions such as festivals, celebrations and events, but is required for other types of situations. Therefore, if you know makeup techniques and develop this service in a professional manner, you can get a better profit if you offer door to door.   To start, must consider several aspects that will be decisive in the growth of this business process, see:

Of the business activity

Makeup service currently profitability very high, especially if we focus on the latest trends that are in use in the world of fashion and which certainly are looking increasingly more women. A good way to start, is focusing on the service to a particular group. For example, you can start with makeup service for girls in 15 years and then you can also offer the service to brides.

Skills and knowledge of make-up

To provide this type of service is extremely important to be updating our knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis, since all the time are new trends, tricks, and tools that our clients will know and will want to practice, by What we must be aware of everything that happens in the middle.  On the other hand, when you take time without using cosmetics and create makeup looks, I recommend you practice with different techniques for different skins and different occasions, this will help you to refresh your memory and new technical implementation you want to implement, and why not, develop your own techniques to provide this to your clients.

Equipment and material

In addition to the technique, products that you use should be of the highest quality to ensure permanence and duration, as well as the care and protection of the skin from each of your clients. If possible, you will need the following:

Eye makeup: Shadows, gel eyeliner, eyeliner in pencil, mascara, curling, or eyelash,  frost for eyelids, shadow brushes, brushes, wiping machines, pre-basic for eyes, among others  

Eyebrow makeup: Eyeshadow for eyebrows, eyebrows eyeliner, eyebrows, eyebrow clip fastener, scissors for trimming eyebrows, among others.  

Lip makeup: Lipsticks, matte lips, lipsticks, lip cream, lip pencil, lipstick with glitter, lip gloss, and so on.  

Face makeup: Foundations, Concealer dark circles, correcting imperfections, powder or gel for contour, bronzer, blush, translucent powder, powder with gloss, illuminator powder, illuminator in gel, brushes to apply, brushes for blur, pre-basic, and so on.

Other elements: A box to properly store all makeup and separate it into sections according to each area of the face. You should wear gloves and a uniform set, since you are offering a cosmetic service.  

Cleaning products: Extremely important is that for every customer your brushes and applicators are completely clean with sterilization processes to prevent the spread of infections that could cause problems with your clients. This must be done for each one of them.

Initial budget

To determine the total value that you need, it will be necessary to initially perform a quote of the makeup that you will need initially. It is advisable to acquire bases, shadows and lipstick in different colors and in different formats, which may be the most needy when it comes to a special makeup. Keep in mind that you will not need to invest in a physical location, but in a transport to offer door to door service. Don’t forget the business promotion through flyers and Internet presence.

Possible drawbacks: If you don’t have a good capital (money) to start, it is recommended to wait and save it to begin with. You can find cosmetic products in the market in a variety of prices and brands, and although I recommend you use a good quality, these should not necessarily be the most expensive but not the more generic  with poor quality. Also, keep in mind that all your clients are going to want looking different, they have different skin tones and the possibilities will vary for those who require makeup.  

Tips: Your main strength should be service to the customer. Even if you do the most spectacular make-up in the world, but if you do not treat them well, your clients won’t have trust and confidence in the process, and they probably won’t or will not recommend your work.  Lets make them feel good while they receive the service, tell them about the makeup that you have planned and if they like it, or you can make some changes. However at this point you must be careful, because many women have deeply rooted myths of makeup so you break it and explain to improve.