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Open a Place of  Entertainments and repair of toys

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 Toys  Growth Business

Toys and games are one of the items that are used daily, regardless of age for those who are targeted, they are fun and entertainment for children and babies. But, what happens when one very favorite´s toy of a child is damaged? The truth is that they are very few probabilities that a father buy a new one or could even be realized that this toy is no longer available, it is here where is born the profitability of the repair of toys and games center.

Keep in mind that among the sectors with the most movement is the child sector so if you want to learn more about this business, check the following points:

Business activity

We started knowing this activity that will take place in business. In addition to the repair of items and toys, many people will rely on your business to fix them visually, enhance painting, print the name of the children, among others. Take this as some other services to your customers where to increase your income.

Material needs of the business

This is one of the most important parts, so depending on the visibility that has your business and the area in which you save you will get part of the success that we seek. It is important to situate yourself in a commercial area, preferably close to stores where they sell items of toys and entertainment.

On the other hand, you will need materials and equipment necessary for your place as the following:

-Showcases and shelves to set repaired toys or some new and specific that you want to sell.  

-Cash register and elements of office for finance and organization.

-Closet to store toys already repaired by dates and names, so you’ll know who owns every toy.

-Materials of painting for the repair of toys, as well as tools, handles, belts, and parts of new toys that you can join as part of the service.

The dimensions of the place should not be very extensive, take care of organizing your space  according to your conditions and primary needs.

Staff business

Whether or not you are who take care of repair of toys or the customer, you will need at least one person that will help you initially. In addition, you must also be aware of new customers and repairs of local stakeholders who enter. No one likes to wait, so offer a timely and quick attention, this could be  a plus for your business.

Business promotion

The way in which you see your business, does not mean you will  have the need to repair toys every day, so you should search for your customers in other areas and maximize your reach. A good way of doing this is by promoting your business on the Internet, through a web site and social networks where many more people can find you and contact you. You can offer your service with deliveries, for example.

Don’t forget the traditional advertising through flyers and business cards. Remember that your target audience will be mainly short and medium age children.

Amount of investment

We have become one of the most important areas and what most worries the entrepreneur: ” how much will I need?” Although we can not give exact figures, what we can do is to help you to make your own budget. This will require  to take into account the point 2 of this section, where we talk about the needs of the place, in this sense, it must include the following:

-Procurement (purchase or rental) of the place.

– Equipment and material needed to repair.

– Payment for staff.

– Adequacy of the place.

-Hanging display, and organisers.

– Promotion of business.

Obstacles that can appear: Without the necessary advertising your business could experience losses instead of profits. Few people know of this type of business because many are not those that exist nowadays, and although it can be an advantage not to have high competition, it means that the demand is not as high in the place.

Tips: Before finally launching your business, make sure you go gaining experience in the process, so you can go repairing toys to family, friends, neighbors and people nearby. So don’t forget the advertising, in which you must work right from the moment you have your business.