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Open a shop of Juices and Smoothies, Beverages with Vitamins

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How to Open a Store of Juices and Smoothies

Food products are always very well sold around the world, are things that people need therefore, consumption of juices and smoothies ends up being fairly common, but also very desirable. Thus, in the article today I will show step by step how to open a store of juices and smoothies in your city, and also a lot of tips and useful information to make your small business a success. Let’s see:

A Place to pitch your store

One of the most important things for those who want to learn how to pitch a store of juices and smoothies is a trading point, so if you can find a place where there is good circulation of people, the interior space is suited so for work and welcomes its clientele, you know that the chances of success are very large.

How to start creating your store

Legal aspects: It is necessary to analyze the legal factors to have everything running, so you must register your company on the Board of trade. It is ideal to search an accounting company to assist you in all these initial details, since it will be crucial for your  bar’s juices become a reality.

Space requirements: For you who are looking for information about how open a store of juices and smoothies, you must keep in mind and know that the internal layout of the store is going to be very important, so you must separate an area with a large balcony made exclusively for juices, have a large greenhouse for snacks, a space to stock up on fruit and other products, as well as a small kitchen and at least one bathroom.

The Types of Juices and Smoothies to Sell at the Store

Don’t forget to adjust the menu of products that are sold in your store, then you can work with juice from Watermelon, cashew nut, strawberry, Orange, pineapple, and several others, as well as shakes of avocado, banana, papaya, fruit vitamin and changing a number of other types of beverages.

Store of juices and smoothies investment

Which Investment to open a store of juice do you need?: pitch a store of drinks and natural juices without applying a good initial investment, will not succeed. Starting with the commercial rental or purchase of cart for juices, decoration, desk caddy to prepare juices, greenhouse for snacks, chairs, freezer, buy fruits, juicers, health permits, consumption of drinks and other utensils products for work on a daily basis, as well as other basic accessories and many other things. So the investment will be of five thousand ($ 5000), and will depend largely on the overall structure of the store that you want to open.

Most new entrepreneurs seeking to understand how to mount a store of juices and smoothies, end up with a bit of fear if the company does not generate the results that we expect so much. So here is where we must make a good study of market, talk to people in your city and create an effective business plan.

Anyway, we can clearly see that the demand for juices and smoothies is something constant in virtually all regions of the world and in my opinion it is worth to invest in the business.

Possible obstacles you have faced: It is extremely important to that investment capital money is organized and distributed to respond to all the needs of the business, from the purchase of items to publicity for the launch. On the other hand, it is also important if you plan to use the public space to install your beverage cart, you have the necessary permissions to do so, otherwise you will have to resort to the rental of a private space where you can locate without problems.  

Keys: The best will be the construction of a good business plan that will be the basis for juices and smoothies store, since this document as a guide, is also one of the best mechanisms for obtaining and trading close to the total initial investment that you will need. Don’t let aside the importance of offering different types of drinks and natural juices for every taste and any occasion for your customers.

Slowly and with great effort, commitment and passion printed, beside following the steps and tips that we have seen previously, your business will grow directly toward success.