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Open a store of Refill Ink Cartridges for Printers

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Refill Ink Cartridges as a Business

Whether for costs representing purchasing new ink cartridges, either due to the danger to the environment or by the urgency with which this type of service, you may need an ink cartridge refilling business might be the idea you are looking for to create your own business profitable, since your initial investment is relatively simple, we contribute to the environment and in addition is the solution to this need and growth of the public. Who are your potential customers? Essentially they would be large and medium-sized enterprises, particularly if they are located in computer services or technology area, although well other kinds of companies might require it with equal need.

How to start my business?

Basically focuses should be of course on refilling ink cartridges that are used, as well as prepare them for continuing to be used. The amount required depends especially on customers, since they may be large companies or private individuals. So, you can create a business of refilling ink cartridges whereby people pay monthly or weekly.

This type of business allows consumers to save on the purchase of new cartridges, contribute with the environment to avoid greater production of cartridges and manage waste correctly, while by your side, you can start with little investment and see a return in a short time.

Basic knowledge

You have investment capital money and business ideas, but do you know how to manage the activity? It is extremely necessary to take training on this process, the types of ink for each cartridge, the types of cartridges, the necessary quantities, and so on. The quality of your work, and in this sense, the success of your business depends on your knowledge. Make sure you know every part of the process and your hire  personnel to pass through this same training.

Another emphasis point is the material that you use. Keep in mind that creating a cartridge refilling business represents a serious responsibility to offer a quality product, as well as knowledge, it could mark the success or failure of the business. In addition, you need to have the necessary supplies, such as: powder filling with toner cartridges, inks all colors and sizes, liquid, uncover heads, uncover tools, interior cleaner, spatulas and cleaning material, among others. With the growth of the business, you’ll need more professional material as filling machines steam guns, cartridges, toner vacuum cleaners, ultrasonic baths, among others.


Although you’ll need a place to store your ink cartridges refill material, it is likely that this service is made at home, however, the key is to diversify as far as possible and offer both services.

Business Promotion

Business promotion corporations, private individuals, small businesses and others, can be in different sectors of the public, so it makes more complex the task of sending advertising if it is so diversified, that is why, could be best to consider and run both traditional advertising through flyers, appearance in the media, business cards and banners, as well as creating a website, being present on social networks and sell the service form online.

Problems that may occur: With  time and the growth of the business, the investment capital easily must expand its scope with orders you have, since more and more people are going to know you, by what can easily recommend you to start with other customers, so you must be aware of this. Clearly with no advertising there will be no business and this is one of these businesses that dependent on advertising and promotion strategies to make it known.

Final recommendation: You have the advantage to be able to receive a variety of public, so you must be aware of the needs of each customer profile that you contact, both the College student who needs to refill  cartridges to print their thesis, and businessmen requiring print the contract for a new employee, so diversified and go to them.