Open a Tacos and Enchiladas, Gastronomic Products Stand

Delights of Mexico for the World

Mexico, located in North America, is a country where tacos and enchiladas are one of the most desired culinary products and therefore, more exported, so by today we can find restaurants that offer these products almost in any part of the world. However, its distribution still does not cover all the demand, so today we will see how to open a post of tacos and enchiladas and all we need to start. Let’s see:

Market activity

To start with this kind of business, you can offer tacos and enchiladas in a simple cart where you can offer the product. With a good location in a common and open to the public area, we can install the tacos and enchiladas cart  which will be sold directly to consumers.

Market analysis

Before choosing an area to operate, it is necessary for you to first analyze this space where you want to install the business. In this area, as far as possible, you should not have jobs or tacos and enchiladas restaurants nearby your business, this is to avoid price wars with direct competitors. If you don’t have knowledge about this type of operation, you must find out the prices that are being managed, as well as to specialize in the preparation of tacos and enchiladas to offer the best product.

Formalization of business

Not all is product, having documents and legal permits allow us to put our tacos and enchiladas stand without problems. In the first part, you must choose the name that you’re going to put on the business to register the brand new, this may be visible in the post of tacos and in advertising. We must also have a series of operating permits in the area where we are located and in general, be a legal business.

The product

The stand will be dedicated to offer tacos and enchiladas, however, in order to increase our income while we complement the meal of the customer, we can offer drinks from a nearby supplier where we offer different products to each of them.

On the other hand, we recommend practicing very well the development this product, especially if you are not experienced in these procedures. In this way, also you can print each product your style and particular taste to put your stamp and create the best tacos and the best enchiladas of the market to win the love and taste of each person who try your product. Although of course, this is one of those types of business that allows if you do not want to dedicate yourself to it, to hire someone for the preparation and sale of the product.

Material and products payments with the investment

As well as promotion and publicity for the business, which we will talk about later, you have to count on another series of elements and materials that  will put up your business. In this sense you will need to have:

-Post or cart of tacos and enchiladas

– Ingredients for the preparation of meals

– Supplies and cooking utensils

– Plastic consumption for wrapping supplies

– Notices of advertising for the post

– Apron of protection

Business Promotion

For the promotion of our cart business it is essential having a good advertising within the post of tacos and enchiladas, where you can easily read the name and the product that we offer. Likewise, it will be convenient to use for this type of business, flyers with pictures of the product we sell to attract customers.

Problems that can appear: In permits and licenses must be included permission to operate in a public area if your house, for example, does not have a place privileged in relation to commercial activities. This, because since it is a public place, the supervisory bodies and the community could be affected.

Final recommendation: In addition to the relevant documents, in case not to get a permit to work in a public place, what you can do is to rent a small space in a business or a home that works and has potential for your business. Don’t forget to make of your post a place that invites customers, who could be comfortable and want to visit as pleasant to the eye, although it is clear that; It all depends on the flavor of tacos and enchiladas that you prepare.

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