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Open your Own Counters Freelance Agency

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Adaptation of new business

At a general level, the freelance, also known as telecommuting, allows people to develop an activity from their knowledge without having to leave your House, so that its work is carried out by means of the technological tools; computer and phone. Among them, one of the best known are the freelance counters. You just finish your career or want to return to this activity, why not start with your own agency? To know how to start, follow the following points:

Build up your agency legally

Since we will need to make contributions and other documents, it is necessary that your agency is legally registered to the agency in your city, so you must go to the entity and know the procedures that you must perform.  You are looking for a name short, creative and innovative business that you can easily remember. Names that carry the surname or name of the entrepreneur already became fashionable, opts for the innovator one.

Identify your target customer

Establishes to what kind of sectors you want to go, if it is toward business focused on something in particular, companies in any niche, online business or physical establishments, and so on. Keep in mind that this type of business is possible to apply to any field you want and thus, increase your reach.

Create your web site

This will be your primary means of contact, both with clients and with possible independent workers with whom you can link to. Build a website user friendly, simple but also elegant and sophisticated that evidence the professionalism of your business to the public. Make sure you put in it everything you need: profiles of workers, services, numbers and media contact, among others. Don’t forget to link the site on social networks, forums, communities and platforms of freelance work.

Find other accountants

Once getting the business start you’ll realize that you’re going to be needing more counters that do perform the tasks with your customers, so that can meet them all. To get them you can make a call on freelance platforms and social networks for example, selecting them taking into account their experience, performance, knowledge and documents certifying  as professional accountants.

Sets the fees

To find out how much you must charge as a company for counter service, we need first to talk the professional  to know how much  would take for this work, also taking into account your knowledge in the sector and to do this, add a commission that you would expect to gain for your agency. The entire process of payments and contact should be first through you.  

Promotion of the Agency

Even while you promote your level online agency, also agree to carry with your business cards to provide to potential customers the information of your agency in fairs, events or business as a campaign advertising.

As for the online promotion, use, as well as social networks, digital advertising with business as exchange of apparitions, platforms of freelance work, sending invitation emails to business and established companies, among other options.

Problems that may occur: Before trying any of the services provided by your list of counters, customers will communicate directly with you to tell you what they need, so if don’t have the necessary knowledge the service will be ineffective to the customer and they  might not work with you.

Final recommendation: The quality of your part and service counters with which you work, depends on the future of your business and the references that you get. To be sure that it is of the best quality, have  you professional accountants attesting their work.