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Start your Personal Shopper Business – Buy, advise and win

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Start your Personal Shopper Business

With the imminent and growing shortage of time, given the number of activities we do throughout the day, the walk and the famous shopping plan gradually becoming a utopia for many people who barely have time to share time with his family a few times a week. That is why activities like buying clothes, become an activity that takes them longer than that would really spend.

This is where our Personal Shopper service has the upper hand in the market, it has become a business with a solid foundation that can easily find customers. That is why this time we tell you all about this promising venture, from how it works, to advantages, disadvantages, modes of operation, success stories and more.

No need to invest to have a business

Operation of business Personal Shopper

It is a shopping service that is aimed at all those who, for lack of time or patience to make purchases of clothing, delegate this activity to other specialized business that will buy their clothes for him, based on their sizes , preferences, activities and interests to give the style that identifies it. The work of the Personal Shopper can address both buying clothes, as well as the support and guidance, which is who advises his client.

Thus a person who is engaged in the business of Personal Shopper, must have special training related to this activity, ie, must have formed in a race or special course, it should advise their clients and thus, choose garments for him. All this will allow us to have knowledge based on research and proven theories related to special purchases.

Who are your customers? Customers who recommend go in the first stage, will be those business profiles are executives or business owners, who are also those less time they have to perform such activities and have the monetary ability to hire someone who do for them.

How much can you earn as a personal shopper? some people who offer their services as Personal Shopper, charge a commission or percentage according to the value of the goods and there are those who establish a fee for each hour. Some of them may charge USD $ 11 per hour.

Start your Personal Shopper Business

Steps to Start Your Business Personal Shopper

Now that you know all you need and how it works, then how to start? Let’s see step by step how to start your business and all you need to consider:

Consolidate your knowledge:although we know that it is important to have basic knowledge to offer a service like this, the truth is that trends are always one of the most important elements when dressing, taking into account the style of the person, their preferences, activities, etc. It is therefore advisable to seek courses and other resources that allow you to enrich your knowledge and update them.

Study the market:begins researching the market which you throw in your area location. Analyzes potential competitors, the rates set by your service and so can give you an idea of ​​how your business in the market. This also allows you to identify potential sectors where you can find your customers when launching advertising your service.

Set your services and costs: Note that while gaining experience and recognition in the market, the ideal is that rates are not as high and beyond what they bring to the market conditions that have previously studied. Define your time availability to identify service schedules you will have to meet with your clients. This can be a bit complex at the beginning if we consider that, in many cases, need to modify your schedule according to availability of your customers.

Select the first stores:of agreement to the type of service that you offer, from the moment you make a selection of stores more suitable for the type of clothes that your customers need. Choose the shops, meet their hours and even have your phone, you will facilitate the process when deciding where to go next according to the clothes you are looking for. It is best to make a wide selection of shops, in which a record can include the type of clothes, so it will find it much faster in less time.

Advertise your business: It is time to start letting you know to launch your business. To make advertising can use resources such as the Internet. There can create profiles to promote yourself with influential media and platforms sign up to offer specialized services. Another way to advertise your service are ads in newspapers, in stores or local directories.

Do not forget to bring business cards to hand out to potential customers when you start with promotional visits. Nor provide your contact number and email address where interested parties can inquire about your services and generally get in contact with you.

Requirements to start your business

It’s not just about knowing what to do, but also know the best ways to do this from a number of requirements that will help you strengthen your business as it grows and it certainly will significantly improve your service. Let’s see what you need:

Profile Personal Shopper:the person who is engaged in this kind of business should have good communication, it must listen to your customer to understand their needs and thus respond to them. Also, be empathetic, patient and able to solve problems efficiently and quickly.

Good personal presentation: although the way they treat people and attention is key, so is your personal presentation, especially in a business like this. Take care of your image, maintain proper hygiene and make sure to dress properly when you have meetings with clients, for your presentation is the image of your own business.

contacts: professional shopping, Personal Shopper, must have contacts who can offer their service personalized shopping because it is an area where customers come to the expert buyer from previous contacts or from a presentation , recommendation or referral through another satisfied customer service.

And longer:be a professional shopping is time consuming, so it is recommended not to take this activity as extra work. This is due in part because it requires a long time to scroll through and select the items to be purchased for the customer, but also keep in mind that business to which we must turn to buy, usually have a schedule limited, as most close to the time when we would be leaving our main job.

Vehicle:remember that purchases are going to do are numerous and also, substantial, so we can not carry packages or even walking a means of public transport. The ideal is that we have a means of own transport to allow us to carry out our schedule shifts smoothly and availability. We recommend using a vehicle that can actually be second or rented, if you are interested not acquire a new one.

Good attention: provide good customer service not only is the way we communicate with them, but also what we say, explain and resolve, which is why the person who engages in this activity should provide attention to the ideal client, in which you feel cared for, but also dealt with exclusivity and feel that is given all the time needed to solve your requirements.

Reasons to Offer Personal Shopper Service

It happens that, as we said, many people have less and less time for shopping, much is to be done weekly stocked supermarket, to buy clothes and even furniture for the house. It is here that comes in your service, based on the Business of Personal Shopper, thanks to which the customer will have the opportunity to delegate the need to deal with your company and what you really need.

This business has a lot Underway, increasingly, as it allows you to make the person forget about the endless shopping and to spend more time on your work and your family.

Profile Personal Shopper

A person who is engaged in the business of Personal Shopper has to have a training respect, ie have formed in the race or course, but it does have a formal training in the area, since you can not improvise.

On the other hand, with regard to personal characteristics, it is expected that the personal shopper knows how to listen, be empathetic, patient and have ability to solve problems. Every customer should be treated like one and deserves to be take the time for which the personal shopper has been hired. Therefore, no time to skimp on with a client in order to be available to take more, it shows at the moment and most likely to unlink the client feel unattended.

Key tips to offer 

A business as it involves private buyer have a number of conditions and follow steps that will help you strengthen your way in the venture, however, the advice we present below will help a lot to improve every day and provide the best services such as Personal Shopper. Let’s see:

Print passion in everything you do is not only one of the key requirements of a business but any activity you perform. Ideally, to find the perfect clothes based on your knowledge and skills, passionately you choose those that will be perfect for your customers.

Take advantage of seasons offers, promotions and others, to find good prices and do a better selection process that allows you to invest the money well.

A good way to keep web research can be inspired accounts or social networking sites where you can find ideas that surely will be of great help.

You can use a cell phone or a camera to take pictures of styles, colors and shapes to better advise your clients.

A good way to add value to your service, to offer advice to your customers not only buy your clothes, but also in the formal behavior for special events, meetings and other situations that require it. This will be a much valued aspect. Among the practices is the way of walking, correct use of cutlery, behavior, among others.

To account for your service, what you can do is build a book or album that you include photographs of people, whether friends or relatives, have who dress according to events or situations, this will show them the quality of your service and so who dare to hire you.

Do not dismiss the web presence is undoubtedly one of the strongest tools in the market today for the entrepreneur, from there you can access a lot of people that might be interested in your service as Personal Shopper.

Weak points: one of the aspects that we need to have in mind with this type of business is the demand of time involved in this activity, since the selection of garments promises much attention and knowledge about the interests of our customers. Likewise, we may need to be more or less time with customers to solve their doubts and if necessary, make changes of garments. In the initial stage, it may be difficult to have enough customers to make money or dedicate ourselves to it completely. You may ask your service your customers at odd hours and even days that you had not anticipated.

Points in favor: happens, as we said, many people have less and less time for shopping, so a business like this has everything to gain, since the client has the opportunity to delegate the need for a business or service Personal Shopper and thus, take this time in an activity most relevant to him. No need to inventory, nor a lot of money to start. On the other hand, you can build rewarding relationships with your customers, where human relations take a fundamental role.

Success stories for your business staff Shopper

At present we can find several cases of success of a business Personal Shopper, we will name but only two in this case. On the one hand, it is ImagenExcellence, a company offering advice image and corporate image executive with over 15 years of experience and more than 16,000 thousand executives who have passed through his hands from a variety of companies. In addition to this, the company offers training workshops executive business image for courses to learn to speak properly public, staff executive image, among others.

On the other hand, we find Armattura Magazine, a production company that specializes in everything related to image, where we can find image consultancy, search for items to enhance the image, image consulting special, informative workshops and more.

It’s a business idea that has a lot Underway, so that allows the person to forget to make endless shopping and thus able to devote more time to their responsibilities, but also to the activities you enjoy and your family.

Begone are waiting for your service, begins today!