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Print a Journal of Good News

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Guidelines for Printing a Journal of Good News

Every day we see how the tabloid press invades us with bloody news and a black prognosis for the future. The unfortunate thing is that we are great consumers of this kind of journalism, so we’re feeding this industry that continues to grow steadily. However, it is already time to change and begin to generate in our own surround the need to be informed on the positive developments. For this reason, we teach you how print a journal of good news and make it a profitable business.

How to Print a Journal of Good News Step by Step

To get to print a good news journal, is required to comply with certain steps and requirements  will be mentioning here:

Sources: Prior to the publication, you must decide which will be your sources. It is important that they are reliable, accurate, easily accessible and to provide information of a regular form, at least in a way most followed of what your publication will take place. When you have several sources, this will be easier, since you will have several from which to obtain information so you print a journal of good news. Regardless of how reliable the source is, always verifies the information, because ultimately it will be your daily which will end up putting the face if it is false information at that public.

Imprint: Contact you with a serious and fast printing with which you can achieve a discount percentage by a subject of permanence and volume. So negotiate with them and go through several of them, until you finally find one that suits your pace of work.

Paper role: There are many paper grades, whereas if you decide to print a journal of good news it is definitely the paper used for newspapers what you should used since it is the cheapest by far. In addition, it is a role paper very comfortable to be transported.

Editors and publishers: Your team is vital, more in this case, that will be the soul of the project, since they will be in charge of writing, correction and editing of content. You should hire graduates in careers of communication or related professionals who have sufficient work experience to leave your company well stand for right from the beginning of the project.

Distribution and Sale of a Printed Good News Journal

The question that we ask now is where to distribute our newspaper. We can try to do it at kiosks and news agencies, but we will have to see what response we get from consumers. Another option that we have is the distribute it for free, based on our profit in the sale of advertising.

The advertising sale is part of what our own sales team, or ourselves have to do if we don’t have this. It is going through companies that sell products or services related to the public visiting the centers of distribution you have chosen, as it can be achieved, for example, a coffee shop or a Hairdresser.

Problems that can occur: Frequent readers search and continue reading our newspaper is one of the processes that requires more work, because of this depends on the profitability of our business and that advertising could be of benefit to those who operate. In many cases, this usually takes more time.  

Final recommendation: From the veracity of your news depends to a large extent the credibility develop in your customers and therefore that they continue reading you, so it is a key that you always certify the veracity of the information that deliver your fonts. So, before taking any step, another tip is to search for the operation of the general journals to have bases that allow you to build yours, and of course, with all the innovation and your personal brand for a good news daily.