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Sale of customized accessories to cell phones and tablets online

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Today one of the sectors with more boom and movement is the technology sector and therefore all products like parts and accessories are also one of the fields with more profitability in the market. While we all like to put caps to our cell phones, tablets, netbooks, computers, and so on,  we would attract much more the idea to customize as we would like these items in order to give them our favorite colors, design and even put our name.

Are you interested in? Let’s see how to open this type of business:

What is this online business

With the creation of an online store, we will build a site where customers and interested parties may enter and where they can see, from a series of colors covers with different designs and formats, options for customize them, add text and make the order directly to wait for your accessory at the door of the house. Let’s start:

Looking for your provider

We will need a covers supplier who can supply these items to the wholesale, so have covers basic, neutral and without decoration (preferably of different colors and shapes) then carry out decorations that your customers will choose on the page.

Identify your audience

Usually these items are more attracted in this type of business with customizations  to young people, however, you can offer also to place decorations and texts as a gift for someone including very nice and creative packaging.

Build the web site

If you have knowledge in programming and web development you can create your own site, where it is not, you will have to hire a programmer to be responsible for this. The page must put at the client’s disposal a series of simple options that can be accessed so that it creates the cover customer want from the choice of the type of case and the text or image that wants to go in it. Done, then the customer can make the payment through a system of the page and wait for the case to his home.

Content: For the process of creation it is necessary that the clients can see how the cover of the device is been done, so you should add the images of the basic sleeves that will be over which will be the design they choose. You can also add designs already completed, original and exclusive from your supplier in the event that they do not want to customize it but simply to buy them.

Equipped with and seeks the necessary material

As well as covers and web site, it will be necessary to have another set of tools and components for the creation of the customizations that clients want in their bags, such as: colors, supplies of printing paper, inks, writing, among other items of stationery material.

Launch your business

Once the above is done, it is time that the website will start up. Promote your business especially in social networks with more users, as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, since if your potential customers are seeing their networks through these devices, it will be more likely that they are interested in purchasing the product that you offer.

Problems that can occur: The more tedious process of creation becomes, more likely there are customer to desist from buying and purchase the product. Many sites of item personalization don’t pay attention to the system presented to  customers. It is the key to place the lower series of steps possible and that this does not impact on decoration options.  

Final recommendation: Given that this type of business are the ones with more scope and extension of public that they may have in the territory, it is extremely necessary that you work in the promotion of this kind of business using different mechanisms that offer digital tools, as collective advertising with similar businesses, blogging with SEO, pages on social networks, and so on.