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Sell and Produce Toys for Dogs and Cats with Recycled Material

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Pet Business Ideas

If you like pets and crafts, a good way to combine these tastes can be the sale and production of toys for dogs and cats, which, in addition to everything, you can create from recycled materials that you can easily find at home or with people nearby. With the passage of time for pet businesses have grown significantly, which has created more opportunities for entrepreneurs. Do you want to start? Follow these steps to start with this business:

The business activity

What we will do is create and develop toys for dogs and cats with material we can get easily. These items can sold in different areas, since being manufacturers allows us to offer our products to different types of retailers and channels of sale, such as: pets, general articles stores, supply stores for the Home, section of pets, shopping online, social networks or directly to the target. It is important that you decide to which sectors you will go mainly to get started with the production of items in this measure.

Training and learning

Toys for dogs and cats are made of common items, for example biting dog ties are manufactured with different types and knotted fabric strips allowing them to be one of their favorite toys. On the other hand, the gyms for cats, which are one of the more elaborate toys, can be created from rolls of paper towels covered with threads of raw plant fabric material, tables placed one over the other and some accessories as hanging balls, among others. The truth is that the creation of these elements is much simpler than we think. You can find step by step the development of these toys in books or the internet.

Necessary materials

The materials that you are going to need especially depend on the type of toy you are going to manufacture, however, for its handling, cutting and dressmaking, I recommend you have at hand tools such as the following:

-Scissors for paper and for fabric

– Glue different materials

– Markers and pencils

– Items for decoration

– Silicone gun

-Hand tools (hammer, nails, screwdriver)

– Recycling Materials at home, neighbors or recycling centers

– Among others

Business promotion

Pet toys are not articles of primary need, so it is very important that you work in the advertising of toys that you elaborate to become the supplier of shops,  as retailers go producing in more quantity, in order to sale in few quantities to your target audience by units. In this sense, it is necessary to work both in the digital and traditional advertising. Print simple flyers about your business that you can leave in department stores for pet, high traffic areas, people with pets, and so on. You can also publish your articles in your social networks and e-commerce stores where you begin to let them know about your business.

Possible difficulties: Conventional toys have been so long in the market that pet owners and retailers themselves have chosen to always sell them and fails to amaze your audience, so you might find yourself initially with a public difficult to surprise.

Keys: However, based on the previous point, the secret lies in the creativity that can print to each toy, the promotion of your business and what you have to offer to customers. For example, in addition to offering a wide variety of items for dogs and cats, you can offer personalized these toys with the name of the mascot, a photo of yourself or some style that allows you to have an added value for your audience.  Innovation should be one of your priorities in each creation, from the ideas that you seek and search, it is the way you are going to start creating your own line of toys for dogs and cats, also don’t forget the functionality for each.