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Selling to the wholesale clothing online, fashion market

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The Successful Fashion Market

Dressing is a must, so that we could talk about that it is one of the businesses with increased demand and a constantly growing due to new trends that everyone wants to take on each garment that is put. For this reason, if you like  this kind of business related to fashion and textile market, you should consider selling to the wholesale clothing online, one of the ideas to open business. Let’s see how to do it:

Business Activity

With your own website, social networks or participating in a marketplace (virtual mall), you could sell your garments to the wholesale or to the retail, acquiring them with a provider. In this sense, we have two options:

Dropshipping: It consists of garments ordered from your supplier, which is done once your customer has deposited the money from the product. In this way they are in charged of the involved packaging and shipping to the customer at home, so you will have to provide only the direction of arrival.

Direct physical purchase: Involves the purchase of the product on your part that may be you who send the product and be responsible for packaging and shipping process.

Options vary depending on your condition and your choice, so check each one to see what is the best for you.

Product choice

The textile world is very wide, so to begin with, best thing to opt for the only type of clothing we are going to start selling according to the public, or a special style. It is best to choose according to the type of clothing that we like the most, taking into account what is in demand on the market to combine both aspects and create a potential balance.

Searches and choose the provider

The provider selection process should be primarily look for. You can easily find online a large number of suppliers of garments to the wholesale, however, all of them have different features that will be of assistance or handicap, therefore we recommend to evaluate the following:

-Time to market

– Recognition, reviews and prestige

– Quality product offering (purchase or sample order)

– Times of delivery of the order

– Prices to the more general

– Location according to the concentration of your potential customers

Building up the Online Store

As we mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph, online sales have various options which you can choose from the following:

-Social networks: Sale and agreement of the product on Facebook and Instagram (most commonly used platforms for trade)

– Marketplace: Platform created for sale by private individuals and companies, such as: Amazon, free market, eBay, among others.

-Own online shop: Own trade page which we can create with a developer where we sell our products.

Publication for the Online Sales

Regardless of the option you choose to sell online, it is a very important key to have into account aspects such as the following to enhance your opportunities in your business:

-Clear prices: For the client it should be clear where each cost does added for which have to pay. These prices must be fair and include the adding of your commission per sale.

-Concise text: Both for the title of the product as for the description, must be well written and with spelling texts. We propose short texts for the title in which meets what the customer has to know and be detailed in the description.

-Quality images: In other cases, your supplier provides you with images that will go in the shop, however, you have to take care of this, so we recommend to take into account the following: quality images, with neutral background, nothing beyond the product in the image (with the exception of decorative if required), several images from different angles and good lighting.

Business Promotion

Products sold through a web site business promotion are mostly advertised through social networks, so you should not dismiss this option from your favorite channels for promotion, since surely there are sites where you’ll find most of your clients. Don’t forget traditional advertising to nearby people that might be interested in ordering of clothing and advertising on web sites related to your market.

Problems that may arise: It is common for retailers to have problems of orders or shipments in the accounts of the supplier. One of the most common examples is that the product may not be available (in stock) and even delays with the arrival of the order.  

Final recommendation: Based on the above situation, a good option that you should keep in mind is the possibility of having at least two suppliers of the same product in your network of contacts, this reduces the risk that a supplier does not have the product you ordered for your client. Stay ahead in your business, you will see how soon customers begin to appear.