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Sports business, soccer lessons for children outdoors

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Physical Activity as a Business

We know that there are a variety of ways that we can take in terms of physical activity-related businesses and sports, however, particularly some present a  moving demand much more active than others, this is the case of the kinds football. If you have the necessary knowledge or plan to hire someone who has them, you should then see how you can open this type of business step by step to make it your own profitable business, lets see:

Business activity

Without the need of having a room or a private Court, you will be able to accomplish this work in a public area, especially a park where we will bring together children who will receive the targeted classes. After promoting your business, you will possibly have children of different ages, so, if there are more than 15 we recommend you organize them into groups and split times of classes. You can set a weekly or monthly fee to each child individually. We recommend that initially don´t excessive or a very high group of children, primarily because you are letting yourself been known.

Target audience

Although we are going to teach the children, we must retain parents, because it will be them who will decide or not take the kids and of course, build a good relationship with each child will be the plus to keep them in classes. You can choose your target from the ages of children that you want to work or the location area of the park where you are going to give classes, to begin with, then you can expand, if you wish, your fingertips.

It is a key that you have certificates and permissions that you grant as an expert in the area, this will be also a key so that parents can be assured of leaving their children in the hands of an expert. Likewise, having a legal and established business you pound possible operating problems, especially if you plan in medium-term to fit your football Academy.

Physical equipment needed for classes

It is extremely important that you have all the necessary equipment. Therefore part of the investment will lead to the material, which included the following items:


– Networks for courts

– Uniform: Dickies and goalkeeper gloves

-Training and warm-up: rings for training, cones, permissions, mini tennis, football training accessories

-Auxiliary Material: sports bag and others

Promotion and publicity for the business

For this type of business you can use both tools of traditional and digital advertising. This way you can put flyers around the area where you plan to give classes, parents and children, and in sports business cards. In terms of digital advertising, will be of great advantage having a website that has your numbers of contact for those interested can contact you, and even hire you to teach at different sites.

Obstacles that may appear: For the use of a public space, it is necessary to previously have determined the place in which you will give classes to avoid running out of space when you go to work with the Group of children. You can communicate with the responsible entities or local authorities to comfortably dispose of this space according to your schedule.  

Final recommendation: It is important to count with a detailed organization and a record of progress with each group that you manage, as well as their contact details, progress and details you need of each session for the growth of every child in the activity. Likewise, working with children should be very comfortable and nice, so children can enjoy the space and build a happy and active environment in the practice of the sport, which will improve the relationship, the performance of the work and the quality of the activity.