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Start a Successful Business as a dog walker

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Pets Business

Company, of pets, especially dogs and cats, have gone from being a part of our family company. This has allowed the needs and business suppliers of products and services for them to grow, such is the case of the dog Walker. This can be a profitable business idea if we know to arrange our schedules, and we are located in an area where there is a high number of residents with dogs. If you like dogs and also looking to generate an income that will then become your own business, why not be dog Walker? Contrary to what many believe, is a task easier and more specific than what you can see. To start this business, take a look at the following steps:

Business Activity

The dog walker business activity is in charge out at times you may have defined according to the needs of homeowners with pets to exercise with them in the measure of their needs. Apart from go pulling a strap, as Walker you should know animals, give them confidence and affection so that the activity is not a total burden.

Equip your business

Even if you don’t have the need for a local, yes you will need some items and materials for your business. It is possible that you need the following:

Belts: The owners surely is going to facilitate their belts, however, it would be better having professional safety straps that allow you  better ensure every pet.  This belt must have several compartments to carry the necessary tools and to ensure pet straps when you need it.

Bags: During outings, many go to relieve themselves in the parks where you leave them, so it is prudent to carry bags for excrement packages to take and collect them always.

Comfortable clothes: you need to have a very comfortable clothing, comfortable shoes in preferable and a cap that protect you from the Sun. These garments,  you can personalize them with the name of your business.

Start walking dogs

A good way to start while you learn and gain experience, is to walk pets and dogs from people close to you, friends and neighbors. Surely you will find many people that do not have the time to go out with their pets, so it will be a very good opportunity for you.

Establish a tariff

You can set a fee per pet according to the schedule and duration of trips. Also take into account the  investment bags and behaviour of animals, the distances and areas where owners are. Find out what  charge other walkers and set a price not so wasteful.

Keep the connection with the pet

Dough not need to be related with the pets, it is also necessary that you take care of peers, also provide them with love and knowing its behavior and how is work with them, for example, there are some breeds that do not get along well, some others will be in situations such as zeal or particular conditions, some will be more aggressive than others, and so on. This will allow you to better manage situations and know how will act with each one, because they all have unique personalities.  

Potential obstacles: As mentioned, not all dogs have the same behaviors and the truth is that this can trigger different situations, like for example that a pet is escaped, fights with another or its behaving even aggressive with you.

Tips: Best will be as dog Walker to keep your integrity, therefore we recommend access to insurance that allows you to it. Don’t forget to have licenses and certifications necessary to perform your job and stay in shape to properly carry out the activity with these precious pets.  Start your own business and combine it with passions and the areas that you like is the real secret to have a successful and profitable project, however, there are other ingredients that should incorporate, as: commitment, constance and perseverance.