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Start a Business as a Commercial Intermediary

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Intermediary between Supplier and Consumer

This type of business is to work bringing together suppliers and consumers. It is a good way to meet objectives, since while you answer a need for others about trade relations, you create and start your own business. Although you don’t need experience or expertise, there will need to take into account points as who they will seen below:

Your business activity

Basically what you will do is to contact people who are selling some good and people who may be interested in purchasing it. For this purpose we recommend to have an office where you can receive calls from your customers, which you will have to store in a directory.

Search for potential buyers

Buyers that you will find depend on the area or the field in which you are focusing initially. A good way to find them is at the moment in which you are in the business of a product or a definite article, then you have to find local retailers, can be in a phone book or the Internet for information of those who would be interested.

On the other hand, in the case of a service, you will get better results with traditional advertising, since this allows you to find individual and business consumers to a greater extent. Then, get in touch with them to learn about their interests and needs, this will allow you to know what you want and what you can offer them.

Search for suppliers or Sellers

In terms of suppliers, the ideal is to seek manufacturers directly, better if they are located in the local area, otherwise you’d have to find international manufacturers. To come up with the best, it is necessary to carry out a search into what they offer and how offered it, this will allow you to complete your data as a commercial intermediary.

Know the Products and Services

It Is very important  key to know the operation and general characteristics of what is for sale. To do this you must make sure you have this information with suppliers, find out prices budget and the quality of the product or service being offered. To do this you should add a percentage of commission which shall be agreed with the seller and attempts to try to raise the price to offer a discount to the potential client.

Diversification of the Field

It is recommended for this type of business not only specialize in a field, but also diversify the areas in which we offer, which means that it is much better to diversify resources and focus on different products and services within the market. Working with more than one supplier will provide much greater security, while operating with one grows the risk, because when difficulties arise or business are in pause, your business will also be so.

Business promotion

We do not talk to general business advertising, since it is highly specific to your field, however, provide your contact and have Internet presence will help more potential customers can see you. To do this you can create a web site in which you only interact with your buyers and sellers, offers all the information that would like to get.

Possible problems: Understanding risk is an important part of the process, because of not bring out our service as a commercial middleman to the buyers and sellers, easily the industry could delete our work.  

Tips: Promotes the benefits, qualities and advantages of your business to make your sexy service and where the customers to achieve see how can gain. This must be closely linked to your personal service with them. It is important to promote loyalty among your customers, thus you guarantee that your business will be with you, so always try to offer the best, offers the best not only in the pre sale, but also in the aftermarket.  Communication is one of the secrets of commercial intermediaries, listening will allow you to meet the needs of your customers, so it remains receptive to what you have to say after or before each business.