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Start a Business Making and Selling Melamine Furniture

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Sale of Melamine Furniture

Today we want to tell you about one of the new ideas of business that contrary to what you may think, it is much easier and more possible than we think. Surely at home you will have furniture made from this material and you may have noticed this product. Well, the truth is that it is a very versatile and easy to work material and the best, we can get it very economical. In addition to the ease of access, is a business with a high growth potential, so, executed the right way, can have important scope in the market, even could become a family business. Let’s see:

Know the functioning of the business

Basically what we will do is buying the material, design it, manufacture it and then sell it by requests we receive. Keep in mind that your manufacturing consists of joining the panels according to the raised design, so we use the resort of a carpentry just to make the cut and the rest will be joining the pieces with specific measures. The promotion of our business will be a crucial factor, especially if what you want to do is to manufacture the parts at home without the need to have a place open to the public.

Define industry and assesses the market

We know that we will make furniture with this material, but it is necessary that you choose what type of furniture in particular will you manufacture. To do this, you have several options: office furniture, furniture for the home, shop windows, among others.  According to the type of furniture we will need another series of materials, as it could be upholstered, metal, and so on. Once identify the area in which you want to work, is time to analyze the demand for this type of furniture and general market conditions. Also, determine the needs of this sector, what is prefered and also evaluate the competition.

Choose location

As mentioned, you can have a physical business in a place or you install the manufacturing area at home without the need to rent or buy a physical location to display your furniture. However, with this option, it is recommended to boost local and foreign advertising to increase the chances. If you want to open a physical location, do not forget to add to the business plan the acquisition costs, materials, permits and operating licences.

Analyzes initial cost investment

Capital money must cover all of the expenses that we have initially. In this sense, we identified a number of possible needs you should value:

-Purchase of melamine

-Consultation with an accountant or lawyer

-Permits and licenses of operating and environmental regulations

-Rental or purchase of space

-Conditioning space for work

-Other preparation materials: glass, wood, hand tools, carpentry, glue for wood, screws, and so on

-Cut wages for staff

-Business promotion

Business promotion

Due to the sale of the furniture that will be on request, it is necessary for you to show customers a series of furniture that you could make based on their requirements and needs, in this way the customer can give an idea of what is searched for and reach us, therefore you must have a client’s catalog which can be virtual and physical. Therefore you will promote your business with the following:

-Web page where your catalogue can be shown and contact numbers to make  meetings with you.

-Art galleries where your furniture could be displayed and you can attract the target audience.

– Flyers and notices in the area where you place business for whom want to know your business.

-Social networks to sell to customers in other areas.

Problems that may appear: Though  it is not necessary to have experience in this type of business given the ease and handling of the material for the manufacture of furniture, it is extremely important that you work and practice in the design and the production techniques to work with these materials so that the raw material you buy with your investment won’t be spoil. Thus, little by little you will be more productive and better manage the process.

Final recommendation: Customers will use purchase orders, based on designs that will appear in your catalogue of products, therefore it is necessary that the presentation could count with creative, useful furnishings and much inspiration to catch the customer.

Remember that when you start with shipments, which will take place at the largest part unarmed, you must provide a manual Assembly customer or offer in-home Assembly service.

One of the main advantages of melamine, is that you don’t need special finishes, paint, or another series of elements because the finish is perfect, so you need more reasons to believe it? Start your business now.