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Start your Business as a Virtual Assistant Online

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Work from Home with Internet

With the growing need for independence labour and new technologies, the market has given birth to an important variety of virtual works which today represent one of the best opportunities for many. In this case, also known as tele Secretariat virtual Assistant service, is a medium growing slowly starts to become much clearer. If you’re an organized person, you apply value at the time and the distribution of tasks, then you can dedicate yourself to offer this service from home. How? Consider the following steps so you know how you should start:

Set the activity of your business

We know what we will do: provide virtual assistance service, however, you can add more service to portfolio to expand the catalog. For example, you can offer additional services such as: customer service via e-mail, receiving calls, updates to your client business blog, surveys clients, agenda control, telemarketing, company information, composition of documents, accounting processes, manage orders and deliveries, among others that may be involved in the field.

Define your potential customers

According to the areas that most interest you, need to start making a list of people who could be your potential customers and those who you are going to start offering your services. To find these people, work FreeLancer platforms are a great tool, since they allow you to find clients who are in need of what you offer.

Rates and costs

Take into consideration that is necessary for this type of business, establish a fee per hour, which according to the time that the client needs of your service, you can establish a much more adequate cost. To establish a rate you must take into account the functions requested and round up the cost.

Permits and licences

You need as an independent worker, to count with the permits and licenses required to perform your job, which, in addition, they will stand to ensure the legality of your services to your customers. On the other hand, have these documents (which you should find in the regulators of the area in which you are), will allow you to be able to generate invoices to charge for your services, since you have a tax registration.

Social reason

Refers to the name which will operate your business according to the service. Although it is an aspect that you may consider to do, especially if you only want to  work as an independent, it is advisable do so if later on your customers want to have it, or if you want to expand your business and have suppliers of ground handling services virtual to work for you.

Promotion of your business

To participate in one of the businesses on the internet, is a very important key that you have good tools and get to know all the functioning of the main platforms which you’ll need. In addition, at the time of the promotion of your business, it is essential that you have a good site in addition to being bright, as a  professional,  to present to your customers, for it will be like your resume, your presentation because you need  to leave a good impression.

Web site: This must be your personal presentation, services offer, main media contact and in general what you offer at the professional level. In addition, this could be the channel through which you will start to contact your customers.