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Start your Glass or Window Cleaning Business

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Cleaning Business

Cleaning is not only important but necessary, look especially if we are talking about business to those who daily go people to visit these establishments and have glass in their windows. However, staff who is responsible for cleaning not always is which are within the premises, so you hire other companies offering cleaning of crystals in specific. With instruments cleaning, a good business plan and a good service, we can make this idea a successful and profitable business. How? Here are the following steps:

Training in the field

In this first point will discuss the skills that you must have to make this work. Although even though you don’t need to have training, nor it will be necessary to rely on sophisticated technology, what do you recommend is know very well the functioning of each product you want to use, new techniques of cleaning and thus obtain better results.  

Material that you’ll need

In addition to the products and cleaning materials that you will require and elements to clean windows of upper floors, it is important to count with a means of transport at your disposal completely. This transport will take you to your customers with your materials and will allow you easily transported. So you can meet all of your customers. Remember to also deal with a jumpsuit that will allow you to wear work clothes to protect you.

Audience to which you direct

Mainly this type of service is sued by companies and important business and large-scale, because many small businesses are trying to be in charge of this process to avoid costs. In addition to companies, other types of sites where you can go are: schools, universities, business buildings, hospitals, shopping centres, agencies and entities, among others. Your field of possibilities is very wide and the best in each of them you will need the same elements.

Operating permits

Is the permissions granted by the organisms of control and regulation of companies and business that you can operate and legally offer your service to your customers. Documents going to certify as legal business for service in particular with which you can sustain your promotion to those who might be interested in hiring you.

Business Staff

Although this depends on the dimensions of the work you want to do, it is important to have one or two more people who can work or who even work for you. It is extremely necessary when discussing the service orders in greatest dimension, as for example a company of 7 floors. If we alone do we take much more than if we have another person, what allows us to save time, and if possible, attend a new customer in the same day.

Possible disadvantages: it is a business in which we must acquire a series of products specifically to offer a service, it is possible that if you do not have a proper money management, investment is quickly lost. What we recommend is very well analyse the investment capital and quote products and materials you’ll need, taking into account that we have named in item 2.

Tips: We have made the theme of the Promotion Council since in this type of business advertising must be in a different way. Initially we recommend to start with traditional advertising, in such a way that you give to publicize your business with flyers and cards that let in companies, business fairs and shopping malls, among others. Subsequently it will be convenient to start up a website where you tell your services and place photos of services performed. Remember that it is not only about leave spotless glasses, but also leave a good image, a good experience for the customer and in general, a reference positive soon allow us to continue to grow. Stay steady and committed to your work, because nobody said that start their own business would be a simple task, but it is not impossible if you want to.